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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. This week we are highlighting four blogs to check out before the next tax season.  Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Tax Blogs We Love -

It’s tax season.

Doing your own taxes can be nerve-racking; at the same time, there are many software options and sites to make it fairly straight-forward.

I always find myself wondering if I’ve missed out on tax-saving opportunities.

Read on for tax tips and financial news.

1. Don’t Mess With Taxes

Journalist, author, and blogger Kay Bell breaks down tax topics into a layperson’s terms.

She wrote the book “The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes.”

I like Kay’s blog because she discusses tax tips that can be helpful as your financial or family situation changes over the years.

Tax return filing & refunds are off to a slow 2020 start; 6 ways to avoid being a tax scam victim; and 2 tax deductions you can claim as late as April 15 are great reads.

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2. Taxgirl

Lawyer, author, and tax expert Kelly Erb has a lot to say about taxes.

She is a Senior Contributor for Forbes and writes a column for Bloomberg Tax.

The tax topics she covers are situations I’ve never thought of, but are useful to know for reference.

Check out Four Alternatives To Consider Before Applying For A Tax RAL; Ask The Taxgirl: Capital Gains And Losses On Your Home At Death; and Ask The Taxgirl: Volunteering Your Time.

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3. TaxVox | Tax Policy Center

A joint venture of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution, the Tax Policy Center is comprised of tax experts who have served in the highest levels of government.

The posts are frequent, timely, and newsworthy.

What Do The Sanders-Biden Fights Over Protecting Social Security Mean?; A Valentine’s Day Gift: An Updated Marriage Bonus And Penalty Tax Calculator; and TPC Launches A New Resource For Understanding Tax Expenditures are great posts.

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4. The Blunt Bean Counter

Chartered Professional Accountant Mark Goodfield writes about U.S. and Canadian taxes, finances, and money.

His post Why Can’t People Get Their Financial Affairs in Order? is a stark reminder to have an updated will in order, to simplify things for your family and loved ones when you are gone.

I also enjoyed My child is engaged. Do I pay for the wedding? and Do You Have To File Taxes for Someone Who Died?

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