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COVID-19 Blog Profiles -


I know we don’t want to think about it anymore, but it’s pretty much impossible at this point.

It feels like things have gone from zero to one hundred this month.

Read on for blogs you may hopefully find useful in these trying times.

1. Ars Technica

Founded in 1988 by Ken Fisher with the target audience of “alpha geeks,” Ars Technica began as a tech publication. By 2001, it had a digital subscription service.

The site’s Science section is particularly informative in the current climate, including the following posts:

Follow @arstechnica on Twitter.

2. Infectious Diseases Hub

This site provides news about microbiology, virology, mycology, and parasitology.

The posts are short and to the point — exactly the kind of information I’m craving, especially right now.

Check out COVID-19: First patients dosed in Phase I vaccine trial; COVID-19: how the coronavirus spread; and COVID-19: borders and businesses close across Europe.

Follow @IDHubFSG on Twitter.

3. National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

Non-profit NFID’s mission is to provide education to the public and health professionals about infectious diseases.

NFID aims to create healthier lives through the prevention and treatment of these diseases.

Coronaviruses; Common Questions and Answers About COVID-19 for Older Adults and People with Chronic Health Conditions; and 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak are helpful posts.

Follow @NFIDvaccines on Twitter.

4. The Lancet

Founded in 1823 (1823!), The Lancet began as an international weekly medical journal.

Now a world leading medical journal, The Lancet seeks to address urgent topics in society related to science and health.

It created a COVID-19 Resource Centre, which is free to access.

These posts also are of note: The resilience of the Spanish health system against the COVID-19 pandemic; and The value of early transmission dynamic studies in emerging infectious diseases.

Follow @TheLancet on Twitter.

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    Many diseases such as cancers will continue to progress despite the best efforts of health care professionals and patients. The techniques used for fighting cancers are: Signal Modulation Therapy which interferes with the growth factor signaling in cancers by slowing down the growth. Anti-antigenic strategies that suppress the growth of new blood vessels in tumors, a process that is vital for the spread of Cancer. Anti- metastatic measures, which interferes with the molecular mechanisms that enable blood-borne cancer cells to migrate through vessel walls to establish new nests of tumor cells. And Immune- stimulant measures that boost the ability of the body’s immune cells to attack cancer cells.                                            
    When cancer continues to progress despite repeated attempts of conventional cytotoxic medicine and chemotherapy, antineoplastic and narrow therapeutic treatments no longer work, doctors are forced to throw their hands up in surrender. Then the doctors reluctantly tell their patients “I’ve done all I can do!”, “There’s NO more that can be done!”, then suggest that the patient find a good hospice care and get his or her affairs in order. Doctors further suggest that the patient should enjoy the remaining time of their life building as many memorable moments with loved ones as possible.

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    Rev. XAH does not give medical advice, make any diagnosis, nor does she try and keep anyone from seeing his or her physician. Rev. XAH works with the doctors to enhance one’s overall health as long as she is NOT discredited for her abilities and services.

    The information contained here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Nor is it intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person has a unique experience and applies the service/information in different ways.

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    Rev. XAH’s Spiritual Regimens are very powerful.  

    Rev. XAH’s aka The Witch Doctor’s team is NOT responsible for any omissions or adverse affects that may occur. Further more, Rev. XAH’s aka The Witch Doctor’s team including, officers, volunteers, representatives and agents can not guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for accuracy, currency, completeness or interpretations. The use of
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    Although navigating Rev. XAH’s nontraditional sphere is more complicated because there can be less oversight, competing credentialing, and organization or less to no rigorous research supporting her work, Rev. XAH saves lives!

                                                                 We reserve the rights to be selective.

                                          Services are confidential.



    • We are developing a smart watch which will provide an advanced warning of a Covid 19 infection. Trent and U of T thought it was a good idea, but suggested that this research may already be started.
      This the proposed experiment will be useful to anyone engaged in this project. To make it more that a preliminary exploration more institutions have to join in.

      Phase 1: Accumulate data for advanced warning of Covid 19, by monitoring the health of people in the shelters, community housing, and drop-ins.
      Clients at these places will wear existing smartwatches that measure a range of body functions: Oxygen levels in blood, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, electrical activity, sweat.
      Data will go through one’s personal doctor or community center, and as such be depersonalized and be sent to a medical team/computer.
      Software will be developed to best analyze the data so that appropriate information and advice can be forwarded to clients and doctors.
      The data will signal when the body is fighting Covid 19 and other pathogens so that self -isolating can occur, preventing spread. At this point the client’s doctor is given cause for concern regarding a particular patient. Monitoring of the data is done more closely so as to determine whether testing is needed.
      If testing suggests medical intervention, such as prescribed medications while at home, the doctor will monitor this data so as to determine when when the pathogen is gaining the upper hand and as such hospitalization is required.
      A GPS will assist in contract tracing.

      Timeline: The experiment will take place in the flu season. 2020-2021.

      Phase 2
      Based on the data from phase 1 and research by medical expertise world-wide, a smartwatch for advanced recognition of Covid 19 will be sold and tested.

      Provide medical data on advanced warnings for Covid 19. The knowledge about Covid 19, particularly regarding transmission is largely determined by data.
      The research will be done while protecting vulnerable populations from a number of illnesses: seasonal flu, Covid 19, Bronchitis.
      Reduce spread by assisting contract tracing.
      Develop the data needed to create an early warning smartwatch for the general public that will provide researchers ongoing data and forward the latest advice to people wearing it. Unlike smartwatches with a built-in set of instructions based on preordained medical markers, the medical markers given by the CMW will evolve as the knowledge of the individual and the pathogen increases.
      Both the experiment and the smartwatch will assist the culture of caution and rigorous investigation when dealing with this pandemic.
      It will enable communities at the grass roots to participate in the solution to the problem while keeping their personal data private.


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