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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. If anyone has picked up new hobbies recently, these sewing blogs could be for you. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Sewing Blogs We Love -

I can hand stitch a little and sew a button back on an article of clothing that’s come loose, but using a sewing machine?

That’s a whole different story.

My husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas many years ago. I was really excited to try to learn to use it.

I eventually made my daughter a pair of pajamas. While they turned out just fine, I just wasn’t finding the time to devote to really learn how to use the machine.

Well, turns out — I happen to have extra downtime on my hands at the moment.

Read on for blogs you may also find useful if you are interested in sewing.

1. Sew DIY

Pattern designer Beth Wood has been sewing for over 25 years. She shares tips and ideas on the blog to help others along on their sewing journey.

Her clothes are cute — I’m inspired to give sewing another try after looking at the photos of what she creates on her site.

I enjoyed: DIY fitted knit dress – Seamwork Neenah pattern; VIDEO Sewalong – How to Sew the Lou Box Top in Knit Fabric; and VIDEO How to fold fabric for stacked storage.

Follow @SewDIY on Twitter.

Sewing Blogs We Love - @sewdiyblog on Instagram

Credit: @sewdiyblog on Instagram

2. SewCanShe

Caroline enjoys sewing for her family, quilting, and also offers online courses:

Homemade face masks are in high demand at the moment. Here is Caroline’s post with instructions on how to make them: Simple Step By Step Tutorial for the Olson Face Mask Pattern – including child sizes.

Check out Bedside Pockets Organizer – free sewing tutorial and Drawstring Ditty Bag – free sewing pattern.

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Sewing Blogs We Love - @sewcanshe on Instagram

Credit: @sewcanshe on Instagram

3. oonaballoona

Actress, singer, dancer, and sewist Marcy Harriell is a busy gal.

She has some awesome creations, too. She refashioned a sequined gown into a two-piece outfit: Behind the Seams of Re:Fashion Season 2: Sequin Two Set! I LOVE it!

Vogue 1493 Tips! is also amazing. I’m feeling more excited about starting my sewing journey after seeing what can actually be created.

This top is beautiful, too: alice + olivia + oona + marcy.

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Sewing Blogs We Love - @marcyharriell on Instagram

Credit: @marcyharriell on Instagram

4. Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly Walnes is the author of bestselling books Make it Simple, Love at First Stitch, and Stretch!

The site features patterns for beginners and online workshops. Since I’m struggling to start sewing, this is a good place for me to begin: Six Steps to Starting Sewing.

I also enjoyed Five Shortcut Features on Your Sewing Machine and Five Ways to Use Up Your Scraps.

Follow @TillyButtons on Twitter.

Sewing Blogs We Love - @tillybuttons on Instagram

Credit: @tillybuttons on Instagram

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