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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. This week, we’re recognizing moth blogs, which coincides with National Moth Week. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Moth Blogs We Love -

National Moth Week starts next week.

My housemates tell me that when we move to our new apartment come fall, I am not allowed to keep moths. I haven’t been able to keep moths in this apartment either, but I’ve been very tempted to ignore those rules during the coronavirus lockdown.

Read on for unique blogs dedicated to moths.

1. National Moth Week

National Moth Week was started by a non-profit environmental conservation organization back in 2012 to meet the needs of the local community’s growing interest in mothing. The site provides more in-depth information on how to prepare for mothing and see results.

National Moth Week usually falls during the last couple weeks of July — this year, it takes place July 18-26 — and strives to raise awareness about biodiversity.

Posts I liked: NMW Team Member Jacob Gorneau Turns Youthful Hobby Into College Degree, Graduating from Cornell University in Entomology; and National Moth Week, July 18-26, Offers a Safe, Enriching Activity for All Ages; Perfect for Social Distancing.

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2. Martin’s Moths

Martin Wainwright is a Guardian-published journalist and moth enthusiast. Wainwright contributes to a number of moth-themed blogs, but this is his main blog where he records most of his findings. The blog features more of a hobbyist view of mothing and provides expertise on how to safely capture moths.

Martin also has created a list identifying the various moths he’s come across in his mothing ventures, which I found to be really impressive and fun.

Posts I loved: Kindly light; and Cheers!

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Moth Blogs We Love - @martinsmoths on Instagram

Credit: @martinsmoths on Instagram

3. Butterfly Conservation

The president of this organization is Sir David Attenborough himself. A UK-based organization, its aim is to restore and increase moth and butterfly populations through conservation and education.

This blog is divided into multiple parts, with a news section focusing on policy and general updates about the UK’s moth population, and the blog itself that provides scientific information about moths (and gardening tips).

Blogs I enjoyed: The Science Behind the Moth Atlas; and Tips for New Moth Recorders.

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Moth Blogs We Love - @savebutterflies on Instagram

Credit: @savebutterflies on Instagram

4. Herts Moth Blog

Ben is an ecology ranger for the Box Moor Trust. I wanted to include this blog because it’s so well organized. Herts is short for Hertfordshire, where Ben is based.

His blog captures images of and lists each moth he has trapped, and provides a helpful key so that you can see any species that are new to him. Ben posts pretty regular moth reports so the information is always up to date, and he includes a lot of resources for people looking to get into the hobby.

Posts I found interesting: Catch report – 17/06/20; and Field Trip – Bramfield Woods – 13/06/20.

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