Blog Profiles: Senior Blogs, Part 2

Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. This is our continued list of standout senior blogs that we love. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

More Senior Blogs We Love -

We recently provided a list of blogs for seniors that do a great job providing a variety of valuable content for this audience.

We found so many that we couldn’t limit it to just one post, so here are a few more blogs by and for seniors that we think you should check out.

1. Time Goes By

Ronni Bennett, a former writer and producer for radio and television, created the Time Goes By blog. She started the blog after years spent researching what it’s actually like to grow old.

The “mother superior of elderblogging” is updated regularly with reader-submitted stories about both the joys and challenges of getting older.

A recent guest post, “When Faith Is What I Need Most,” offers a hopeful take during these incredibly stressful times. The contributor, Carole Leskin, explains, “It’s not that I believe G_d can miraculously solve all of this distress. For me, Faith means that there is hope. It asks me to wake up each morning and consider how I might be helpful.”

I’d also recommend checking out the regular “Interesting Stuff” posts. The recent “Interesting Stuff – 5 September 2020” has a great mix of content to keep you occupied, including the meaning of the “American Pie” lyrics, a video explaining the difference between weather and climate (particularly relevant nowadays), and some handy life hacks.

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2. MySeniorHealthPlan

This site is all about senior health insurance and helping individuals make big health-related decisions. It’s a good resource for information on Medicare and health insurance. The site represents most top insurance carriers, so you can expect non-biased comparisons.

The blog offers helpful advice and tips for things like fitness, memory care, and nutrition. There are several new posts each month, so it doesn’t take much to keep up with the latest information.

One recent post, “Telehealth for Seniors: Taking Advantage of the Modern House Call,” provides helpful information for navigating the boom in telemedicine since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The article says there was a staggering “11,718 percent increase in Medicare beneficiaries participating in a remote medical appointment during the first 45 days of the pandemic.”

Estate planning has also seen growth since March and the blog offers a breakdown of the terminology and the best ways to prepare wills and trusts in the post “This is What You Need to Know About Estate Planning During COVID-19.”

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3. ElderChicks

ElderChicks is written by and targeted to senior women in their retirement years. It was recently named a Best Senior Health Blog by Healthline.

The community of readers and contributors share relatable stories about “mastering the art of a senior life.” The ElderExperts section of the blog features helpful advice from experts on topics like finance, travel, downsizing, and more.

Several recent posts have centered around the upcoming election and voting by mail. In “September: Civics (not politics),” the ElderChicks team contributor says, “I’m thinking I’ll dedicate my vote this year to the memory of my mother and her first vote. That was in 1925, when she was twenty-one and women’s right to vote was six years old. She prized that privilege and never missed voting through her 97 years.” It also directs readers to a site for registering to vote.

Other community members are sharing stories about how their pets are coping during quarantine and how they’re helping their owners get through this difficult time. “Homebound by Tory Bers” and “Saving my Life by Shirley Kurland” are a few heartwarming examples.

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4. Grey Fox

Grey Fox is a UK-based menswear, fashion, and lifestyle blog targeted to men over 40. It was created by David Evans because he says this demographic is often overlooked in the fashion industry.

Posts include menswear reviews, profiles of British brands, and plenty of lifestyle content to round it out. Evans makes his fashion-forward looks attainable and unintimidating for men of any age, but I love that he’s dedicated his blog specifically to older men.

In a recent series, Evans reviews sustainable menswear lines. “Sustainable Style 10: Neem London ‘Anti-Waste Comfort Menswear’” features an interview with the upcoming brand’s founder, Nick, about creating a comfortable and stylish menswear line from recyclable and sustainable materials.

Father & Son Style: A Collaboration With Loake Shoemakers” is another good read. David talks with his son, Tom, about the origins of their sense of style. In the post, Tom tells his dad, “A lot of my more formal style has been strongly influenced by you, particularly in how to wear a suit or dinner jacket, rather than it wear you! I think my tendency to wear casual shirts with trainers has rubbed off on you – You can thank me later!”

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Senior Blogs We Love - @greyfoxblog on Instagram

Credit: @greyfoxblog on Instagram

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