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Puppy Blogs We Love -

My housemates got a puppy last Tuesday. Sleep has been limited and minds have been drained as we cobble together our new normal from recommendations on puppy sites (and desperately try to get her to stop crying).

She is very cute, though! Especially when she’s not crying!

If you’re in the same boat and looking for help welcoming a puppy into your home, check out these blogs! Already graduated from puppy school? We’ve got you covered with even more dog training blogs.

1. Ultimate Puppy | The Puppy Journals

The Ultimate Puppy training program was developed by Peggy van Dam and training professional Sydney Bleicher. Peggy created the blog when she realized her adopted Labrador was having aggression problems because he was not well socialized. It’s not dissimilar to what my adopted Min Pin-Poodle is going through now with the puppy.

One thing that I absolutely love about this blog is that it has so many free resources. There’s a YouTube channel, downloadable schedules (which is a must for any new dog, puppy or not), and, of course, articles breaking down why certain factors of development are important.

Posts I loved: Puppy Worksheets – Help You Stay On Track and 5 Socialization Resources.

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Screenshot of @ultimate_puppy on Instagram

Credit: @ultimate_puppy on Instagram

2. The Puppy Academy | Puppyhood Made Easy

The Puppy Academy is a training academy born out of owner Ricci’s initial struggle with suddenly being left alone with her first-ever puppy. According to her “About” section, she was stressed at first. But when she learned to communicate properly with her puppy, she realized how much she wanted to help foster the relationship between puppy and owner.

This blog really establishes the basics and starts simple for people who feel like they’re in over their head. It covers simple things like safety, training techniques, and toys, which is nice because an overabundance of information can be overwhelming.

Posts I liked: Puppy Training 101: Introduction to Walking on Leash! and 10 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day!

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Credit: @thepuppyacademy on Instagram


Colby began six months after he applied to train a puppy through Guide Dogs of America. Like Ultimate Puppy, he also offers a YouTube channel and a number of resources, though the YouTube channel hasn’t been as frequently updated as of late.

This blog is very similar to the Puppy Academy in that it establishes the basics and answers a lot of frequently asked questions and provides some frequently needed solutions. It also has a simple step-by-step beginners guide that’s easy to follow.

Posts I enjoyed: How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Puppy? and How To Handle Your Puppy’s First Night At Home.

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4. Puppy Leaks

Puppy Leaks is less about training and more about providing some simple resources that you may want to look at while going about life with your puppy. This blog provides a more generalized look at taking care of your dog, covering anything from games to play with your dog to healthy treats you can make yourself.

This one also follows a fun Q&A format that might be more appealing for some who are already regimented in their puppy training and are looking for a little more fun. I also finally figured out that my dog is going grey due to poodle genetics, most likely, and not because I’m stressing him out.

Posts I found interesting: Why Do Dogs Go Grey Early? and Why Do Dogs Guard Their Food?

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