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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and a handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. This week we are focusing on three military and veterans blogs. They are worth the read as we near the long Memorial Day Weekend. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Military and Veterans Blogs We Love -

Memorial Day 2021 – We See You: Here are three blogs to kickstart your three-day weekend

My extensive archive of American-inspired apparel may be a clear indicator that I am [for better or worse] the archetype that many think of when they think of Americans. But allow me to extinguish any lingering doubt with a quick childhood anecdote:

In 2001, I jumped in the car with my pops for what I assumed to be a quick trip for some old-fashioned soft-serve, following a victorious round of either bowling or our weekend driving range routine, both of which were only a stone’s throw from The War College. Roughly an hour later, I found myself standing on familiar ground, in an open field, overcome with emotion — no first-world luxuries, much less frozen treats in sight. My dad took a somber tone in retelling the history tied to the land beneath our feet. He emphasized the importance of the location, as Gettysburg continues to serve as a natural memorial for those that took up arms to defend what would become a country united.

Whether I received that ice cream cone or not, I could not say. But I’ll forever remember that we owe such liberties to the incredibly courageous men, women, and the supporting families of the armed forces. They all continue to make a daily sacrifice to preserve and protect the privileges [too] often overlooked but never forgotten.

It’s important to recall why it is that on May 31, the fast-paced American way of life comes to halt as we honor those most deserving.

Thank you to our armed forces and intelligence communities for defending not only the home of the brave and the land of free but also the free world.

So I invite you to embrace our civilian duty by diving into the trenches of continued education. These three blogs will help us to tap back into the true purpose of the approaching holiday. Rather than celebrating for leisure, raise a glass to those that fell, the ones that continue to defend, and those that have yet to come.

1. National Museum of American History   

It should come as no surprise that my mind takes a one-way trip to the Washington D.C. Mall when I think of fact-based history. More specifically, the National Museum of American History, which has recently announced the highly anticipated reopening queued for later this week.

The Smithsonian had obvious setbacks spurred by the pandemic. Despite this fundamental shift in landscape, the institution embodied the American spirit, quickly adapting to continue its charge to inspire visitors and history buffs alike.

With a diverse team of scholars and enthusiasts, AHM did not skip a beat in bolstering its ever-evolving archive of rich and dynamic content.

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2. Blog Brigade

Blog Brigade is marching its way to the second spot on today’s line-up of blogs we love. It’s a glorious resource dedicated to families navigating military life. I stumbled upon it as I was reflecting on the extraordinary impact the National Guard’s Family Program had in our community and on my own development as a proud “MilKid.”

I can only hope that someone similarly stumbles across this post as I did the Blog Brigade site to realize there is support and power in the community that is fostered by hubs such as this.

Needless to say, Military OneSource has kept its stride and is proudly delivering content that is relatable and insightful for the families, friends, and soldiers to ensure we are giving back to those that give it all. It’s creating a sense of comfort for those deployed so that they know their loved ones are well cared for in their absence. They are able to keep a mission-first focus to return to their families safely.

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BONUS: You already know how I feel about a solid opt-in newsletter. So let your inboxes eat cake, as Military OneSource offers seven newsletter options to choose from.

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3. VAntage Point

This is the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ emerging blog. The team is comprised of a dozen staffers with varying expertise, ranging from mixed media production to content creation. They champion our retired heroes.

Through uniquely personal yet universal storytelling, it is clear that the staff and volunteers behind VAntage Point share a common goal, which can be most easily summarized as a commitment to bringing a voice to those that are not always quick to volunteer for share-and-tell or the first to raise their hand for Q&A.

They’ve secured this final spot with their effort to make the VA’s massive machine of a military network feel a little more connected with each post.

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BONUS: National Memorial Day Concert to return in virtual format

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While I typically veer from my father’s judiciously sobering communication style, it is important to share a stat released by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 2020 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Report. It confirmed the ongoing rise in veteran suicides, reaching an average of 18 deaths per day.

Pairing this jarring reality with the recent dive into my personal journey with mental health and wellness [New Year, New Fears, Stresses, and Self-Judgment and Top Picks and Tips in Honor of Stress Awareness Month], I would be remiss if I didn’t shine a light on today’s worthy topic and those deserving of our praise. We owe it to our selfless compatriots to acknowledge their hardships (openly and often) and express our appreciation, be it through professional resources, personal kinship, or random acts of kindness.

In closing, allow me to extend my immense gratitude, once more in writing but infinitely in heart. 

Until next time – Cheers Friends.

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