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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. This week’s roundup focuses on a few unique pet grooming blogs. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines. 

Pet Grooming Blogs We Love -

I watch a lot of dog grooming videos while I’m working. They’re the right mix of interesting and calm to help me get through the workday. My dog, a miniature pinscher, doesn’t require enough grooming for me to take him to the groomers, but I enjoy watching them work their magic on a lot of the furrier dogs.

Here are a few pet grooming blogs that caught my eye.

1. Groomit Blog

Groomit is actually an app that allows you to schedule an appointment for a mobile groomer to come to you for in-home grooming. The blog covers a multitude of topics that range from what to do when you’re bringing home your new pet to what certain things mean in the grooming world and how to handle them.

I also like this site because it has a specific section dedicated to cats – I feel like it’s often overlooked that cats need pretty regular grooms as well.

Posts I enjoyed: Bad Breath Dogs: What To Do?, and How to Groom an Old Cat – What You Need to Know.

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2. Primped Pooches Blog

Similar to Groomit, Primped Pooches is a mobile dog spa based in Texas that comes to you.

This blog specifically talks about everything related to grooming, which I honestly really appreciate because you know what you’re getting with every post. Most of the blog posts consist of tips and tricks for the DIY dog groomer (with some suggestions on when to go to a professional).

Posts I liked: Tips for grooming your dog during coronavirus, and McKinney Dog Groomer Gives Tips to Make Dog Bathing Easier.

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3. Groomers

Groomers is a professional dog grooming retail website based in the UK with the goal of “encouraging grooming excellence through expertise and professional knowledge.”

The blog focuses less on the professional side of grooming, and, similar to the previous blogs, more on educating DIY home groomers. They also provide some other fun topics, such as information about dog-friendly hotels and resorts, which is something that I gravitate toward now that I’m with my dog 24 hours a day.

Posts I loved: Top Dog-Friendly Holidays In The UK, and How to look after your dog’s eyes.

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4. GroomArts Academy

GroomArts is an accredited education and training service for dog grooming based in the UK. It offers a number of different courses and business advice, both in-person and online.

GroomArts is similar to a couple of the blogs mentioned above. It covers a range of topics, with everything from pet care to grooming aggressive cats, but the one thing I really enjoy about the site is that you can sort by topics and tags to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Posts I loved: What is Asian Fusion and Why is it so Popular?, and How can I be closer with my dog?

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