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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. This week’s roundup focuses on a few eye-opening homelessness blogs. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines. 

Homelessness Blogs to Know -

Having a tough week? You’re in good company, my friends. I’m batting with my internet connection imploding mid-presentation (multiple times).  I’m assuming I’m not alone in feeling like you were struck by a one-way thunderbolt from Mt. Olympus. But allow me to take a Herculean tone and say that we will persevere. It’s a hint of optimism, mind you, that I realize is a privilege. I was reminded of this privilege on three poignantly personal occasions throughout my week.  All of which, I will say, outweigh any collapse in internet connectivity.

To set the stage for the first, I was walking out of my neighborhood bodega as a gentleman was entering the store. As I stood there holding the door open, I was so consumed with my own morning “struggles” that it took a minute to register that the individual was likely experiencing a true life hurdle that more Americans than we would like to acknowledge are navigating.

I started to do that little dance — the one where you are not sure whether you are still holding the door or have an unspoken pass to carry on. But as I withdrew my opaque shades from the bridge of my nose, we made eye contact and the individual realized I was, in fact, holding the door for them. We didn’t exchange words but I could not help but feel that what could be dismissed as an act of human decency may have transcended to a moment in which this individual felt they had been seen for the first time. It was a moment that stuck with me as I charged onward with my Monday hustle.

I may have been projecting a sense of grandeur or disillusion to think I had just shared a silent, yet meaningful moment with a complete stranger. But I think we can all find some guilt in shying away from those that are visibly in need. That is, aside from these worthy contributors who are leaning into the hard truths tied to the epidemic of homelessness that continues to ravage our country.

1. Invisible People – Changing The Story of Homelessness 

Invisible People has been making strides toward an eye-opening movement for policy change since its founding in 2008. The nonprofit focuses on education, advocacy, and honest storytelling. That thoughtful content can inspire change to a problem the world may not always see but can no longer afford to ignore.

We See You: Everyone Can Do Something to Help Homeless People – It’s that Simple; Homeless Man Produces Podcast with his Cellphone; and Homeless Woman Doesn’t Drink or Use Drugs. In a Tent for 8 Years.

Follow @invisiblepeople on Twitter and click here to learn how your voice can help end homelessness.

2. National Alliance to End Homelessness

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., this pick takes a data-driven approach to address homelessness on The Hill and in local communities. And as professional communicators, we can appreciate the importance of an impactful narrative backed by numbers.

The More You Know: Alternatives to Criminalization; Big Budgets, Big Asks: Key 2021 Legislative Priorities for Homelessness; and Know-How, Resources, and Leadership Have Given Us an Historic Opportunity.

Follow @naehomelessness on Twitter.

3. Bring America Home

This blog comes from the National Coalition for the Homeless. Sharing in the mission to bring an end to homelessness, the National Coalition for the Homeless presents a diverse line-up with a content hub compiled by activists, advocates, and those who are currently homeless or have at some point experienced the hardships of homelessness.

Recommended Reads: Sacramento: Falling Further Behind In Housing Justice; Unsung Hero: Dennis Ashton; and Open Letter To NYC Department Of Homeless Services.

Follow @Ntl_Homeless on Twitter.

4. The Homeless Guy

My amateur detective skills may have fallen short in my search for why Kevin’s entries came to a [seemingly] abrupt halt in 2016. Nonetheless, this digital diary presents an eloquent perspective that is worth the click. It’s my pick for today’s honorable mention.

Must-Reads: What Do Homeless People Need; Why Do People Become Homeless; and Home Again Home Again.

I mentioned three occasions that brought things full-circle, but I think we can all agree that my week was not that bad in the grand scheme. So rather than diving into those, I implore all of us to take the next few minutes to contribute to a change more lasting than a few spare coins. In the time it takes to read this post, we could send off an email or pick up a phone to tell our elected representatives that the time to end homelessness is NOW. After all, We The People hold the power and it is time that power is used to shelter the countless in need.

Until Next Time….

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Cory Max Montoya is a Sr. Account Executive at PR Newswire. When he’s not working, he can be found on the trail, down the digital rabbit hole, or with his Niece, who continues to remind him that life is a gift to be treasured and celebrated.

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