Writing Resolutions: Our Writers’ Goals for 2022

Our Writing Resolutions for 2022

We’ve nearly made it through another one-of-a-kind year. The pandemic rolled on, and whether we were working from the office or home, our team worked hard to put together posts that resonated with our readers.

As we look forward to a fresh start in 2022, the Beyond Bylines team is setting our writing resolutions to keep learning and boosting our skills.

Whether it’s branching out to cover new topics, reading more, or improving time management, our goals for 2022 cover a range of ideas.

Marisa Abeyta

I want to embrace my love for research in 2022 by stepping out of my comfort zone and writing on an unfamiliar topic. My goal next year is to improve my ability to adapt well to any subject matter, which will help my growth as a versatile writer.

Celina Anton

My writing resolution for next year is to publish three new posts. I’d love to maybe write about the wine industry (I’m not a wine expert by any means, but I’ve been reading about the history of wine, how it’s made, etc.). My long-term goal would be to invest in my own label and make my own wine at home. I’d also like to continue writing on the topic of parenting.

Lastly, I would also love to attend a conference or training to boost my skills…or maybe it’s taking an online course. One of my goals is to start my own blog, which I’ve tried to start over the years, but haven’t been able to make the time to consistently write.

Larry Grady

In 2021, I created 4 press release roundups on special topics (including the anniversary of 9/11 and holiday shopping). In 2022, I’d like to keep this trend going and create more posts with news releases on a timely topic.

Nicole Howard

My resolution is to read more widely. I hope to add more websites, blogs, and podcasts to my ever-growing list of resources so that I can investigate new perspectives. I want to continue learning new things and understanding how others experience the world.

Vanessa Martinez

My 2022 writing resolution is to write more regularly for the blog. I would like to do at least 1-2 a quarter to continue to sharpen my writing skills. I majored in journalism but it has been a while since I proactively wrote original pieces and I would like to continue to grow in this area. I would also like to explore other topics to write about and possibly even do a Blog Profiles post.

Cory Montoya

In 2022, I’d like to put my own spin on my Blog Profiles posts and recognize the content I’m loving on a particular topic, rather than entire sites (examples A, BC). This seems like the right path for me, as I’d organically choose to consume content on YouTube, for example, when learning about a new topic. I also believe this focus on video and multimedia content complements the lasting shift in the media landscape.

Erienne Muldoon

In some ways, 2021 has felt more challenging than 2020. Though I’ve consumed more content than ever this year, I haven’t been able to write as much as I’d like.

For 2022, I want to focus on being more purposeful with my time: being more deliberate about what I read, write, and anything I give my attention to. Here’s to more blog posts in the new year!

Rocky Parker

My writing resolution for 2022 is to work on repurposing old content on the blog to give it new life and ensure that it’s more in line with SEO best practices. I want to ensure that readers aren’t missing out on valuable content just because it’s a bit dated or has the same meta tags as another post.

I’d also like to experiment with new blog formats to highlight multimedia, include polls in posts, and add other elements to make our stories more compelling.

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Rocky Parker is the Digital Content Lead at Cision PR Newswire. She works with journalists, bloggers, and content creators to create their targeted newsfeeds from PR Newswire for Journalists. Rocky has also counseled on content writing best practices. Check out her previous posts for Beyond Bylines. In her free time, Rocky can usually be found cooking, binge-watching a new show, or playing with her puppy, Hudson. 

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