ESG News: 3 Press Release Trends from February

ESG News: Press Release Trends in February

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) news is taking the newswire by storm as companies announce their major advancements and achievements in sustainability. Journalists who follow the latest ESG press releases from PR Newswire can help drive the conversation about which companies are leading the charge for meaningful change, and which ones have a ways to go.

Here are just a few ways we noticed companies announcing their ESG initiatives and progress in February.

1. Established Products Go Green

For companies that have long-standing products, sustainability measures are creating new opportunities to announce new or enhanced products. Decades-old companies are looking for ways to differentiate and compete with up-and-coming disruptors, and ESG is a fantastic way to win customer sentiment and shareholder attention.

Here are a few recent examples: 

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2. Companies Give Back

Companies are taking every opportunity to give back to society and the environment. Charitable acts help boost brand awareness and build stronger ties to all stakeholders of a company, from customers to shareholders.  

These companies announced developments on the social responsibility front:

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3. ESG News at the Ready 

Many public and private companies are scrambling to get the message out on their ESG efforts in 2022. Some are announcing new sustainability initiatives while others are showcasing their inclusion on top ESG lists from major publications and institutional investors. All these efforts are leading toward one critical aspect: readiness.

Companies are not taking a “wait-and-see” approach to ESG. Instead, public companies (and private organizations on the cusp of making a public debut) are making strong efforts in ESG disclosure to satisfy several demands. 

These public companies are just a few that distributed releases in February about their advances in ESG:

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