3 Native American Blogs that Showcase Indigenous Artists, Designers, and Storytelling through Fashion

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As we continue our celebration of Native American Heritage Month, we look forward to providing as many resources as possible for readers to utilize in the interest of supporting Indigenous communities. We refer to November as the official time to acknowledge their excellence, however, it goes without saying that cultural appreciation can be exhibited in various ways throughout all months of the year.

If you’re in search of an outlet that encompasses the beauty of Indigenous design, culture, and tradition, I’ve referenced three of my favorite blogs that highlight Native American fashion and artistry.

The following Native American blogs provide a look at some of the most notable designers and creative influencers that have continued to inspire thought-provoking narratives shaped by cultural references and unique perspectives that manifest as wearable art.

1. Native Max Magazine

The digital media company that is Native Max has become a well-known platform to promote Indigenous representation through its online, print, and social media presence.

“Founder Kelly Holmes (Cheyenne River Lakota) set out to create a platform that featured positive people and stories of Indian Country in a creative way.” Kelly successfully engages with audiences by delivering captivating visuals and written stories that focus on Indigenous fashion and its rise to mainstream popularity.

Some of the latest collaborations with notable brands and Indigenous style icons are highlighted in these recommended articles:

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Every year in August, the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) hosts the world’s largest Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and sponsors “over one-thousand Native artists from more than one-hundred tribal communities in North America and Canada.” One of the main attractions is the Fashion Show, produced by Amber-Dawn Bear Robe, which celebrates Indigenous Designers by showcasing Haute Couture looks from their latest collections.

This blog serves as a hub for navigating all the incredible designers who have presented and featured their creations on the runway since the show’s inception in 2014. You’ll find a brief description of their individual techniques, how they incorporate cultural references into their work, and direct links to their personal websites.

In the media:

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3. Beyond Buckskin

“Beyond Buckskin launched in 2009 by Jessica R. Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) as a website dedicated to showcasing and promoting our continent’s first artists and original designers.”

This online blog/boutique is a great source to learn about the impact of Native storytelling through fashion, while also serving as a gateway to purchase curated pieces of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. While the blog hasn’t been as active lately, Jessica still shares unique fashion finds on her social media profiles and the “Shop” section is always up to date.

If you’re interested in learning more about how contemporary fashion has been used to communicate and drive social movements, immerse yourself in these educational reads below:

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