ESG News in January: Companies Focus on DEI and Net Zero

ESG News: January 2023 Recap

2023 promises to be a challenging year for companies, from economic and geopolitical concerns to efforts to win and retain customers and talented staff. Within this maelstrom, there is still a laser focus on reporting ESG goals and achievements.

To help journalists and bloggers stay on top of the latest ESG messaging, here are three ESG news trends we noticed in January in press releases sent via PR Newswire.

1. The March to Net Zero

As we inch one year closer to 2030 and specific targets for climate action, it’s critical for companies to publicly share their pledges to work toward net zero goals. For companies that have previously announced commitments to science-based targets and unveiled sustainability plans, it’s imperative to report tangible progress.

Both EQT and Kellogg led with the data in the examples below. Numbers in the headline and first paragraph deliver on the “so what” that journalists and investors demand immediately and have the added bonus of being instantly engaging in terms of where a reader’s eye is drawn.

The releases also consistently use numbers, bullets, and footnotes to help make the content’s most relevant points consumable and demonstrate how the companies are measuring progress on core issues – making it easy for reporters to spot the key figures.

2. DEI Comes Into Focus

Add ESG News to your site with our free widget - email cld@cision.comThe acronym within an acronym, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) falls under the “S” – or “Social” – in ESG. It’s an essential component of a company’s overall ESG strategy, and we’ve noticed an uptick in how often DEI content is being distributed by brands across various industries.

The examples below include simple adjustments to the personnel announcement template that will help companies illustrate how their DEI appointments are more than just lip service. Both Ardent Mills and Kohler Co. highlight DEI track records – with specific accomplishments – that connect the appointees’ documented success to the companies’ specific ESG plans.

Kohler’s announcement notes in the first paragraph that the new DEI role will report directly to the CEO, underscoring DEI’s seat at the executive table and proactively addressing a common concern that DEI positions often struggle to wield true leadership power.

It goes without saying that every personnel announcement should include a headshot. It’s even more significant for high-profile ESG and DEI appointments as companies work toward greater inclusivity and diversify their leadership to reflect their workforces and the customers and communities they serve.

3. Innovation Made Easy

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) dominated the news in January, and several companies took the opportunity to highlight innovative new products that specifically address environmental concerns.

Both releases below nail the succinct “so what” headline and underscore the theme of innovation that runs throughout the content.

They also make a point to highlight the ease of moving to a greener future, whether it’s managing all your eco-friendly appliances in one app or not having to abandon your love of classic cars. Communicating your company’s hard work while highlighting simplicity for your target audience is no easy feat, but Autel and Schneider Electric ticked all the boxes here.

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