4 More Football Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Last week, we shared four football blogs that lovers of the sport should add to their reading roster.

We found so many that we decided to share Part 2 with several more unique blogs dedicated to the games, players, drafts, and latest news in the sport. Whether it’s college or the NFL, these sites are stacked with must-read football content.

Let’s kick off Part 2.

1. NFL Draft Diamonds: For the latest draft news

Readers flock to the NFL Draft Diamonds blog for the latest updates on the draft, rookies, scouting, and free agents in the league. The blog was created in 2013 by #Billsmafia member Damond Talbot, who has an “ongoing mission for the site to help small school players.”

The team of writers is passionate about all things football. Readers can find interviews with NFL prospects, mock drafts, the latest NFL transactions, team news, and more.

Recommended Reads:

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2. Over the Cap: For the financials

The Over the Cap blog features the latest updates on NFL salaries, contracts, and free agents. Readers can search by individual players, teams, or positions to find salary, bonus, and cap figures.

So if you’re interested in the business side of the NFL, head to Over the Cap, where owner Jason Fitzgerald will “try to connect you all with various articles published online, with my own thoughts on some of them, that deal strictly with contracts and potential negotiations in the NFL.”

Recommended Reads:

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3. Football Outsiders: For all the stats

Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Football Outsiders Aaron Schatz has been called the “founding father of football analytics.” He created the DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) statistical method, which “measures a team’s efficiency by comparing success on every single play to a league average based on situation and opponent.”

The team of writers works to present an objective analysis of football. Readers can find news, analysis, interviews, and more among the variety of regular columns covering both professional and college football. The site even has its own version of fantasy football, called the Loser League, which sounds like my kind of game.

Recommended Reads:

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4. The Football Girl: For ALL the fans

The Football Girl was founded in 2009 by Sports Emmy Award-winning writer and producer Melissa Jacobs. She believes “female NFL fans deserve a community that goes well beyond Football 101, recipes and pink apparel.”

What started as a conversation with Barry Sanders has grown into fantasy football advice, in-depth interviews, commentary, and analysis. And if you’re truly new to the sport, check out the Football U. section for a term dictionary, referee hand signal meanings, and more. While the blog hasn’t posted anything in a few months, we still thought it deserved recognition on our list — hopefully we’ll be seeing new content soon!

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