Collabs, Acquisitions, and Surveys: August’s Most-Read Press Releases

August 2023 Most Viewed Press Releases

As summer comes to a close, readers’ interest in August pinged from fun food and consumer news to more serious health and workplace research. Here’s a look at just a few of the press releases that generated outsized attention on in August.

1. Pop-Tarts® And Crocs Launch Limited-Edition ‘Croc-Tarts’ Collab Featuring First-Ever Candy Jibbitz™ Charms

Pop-Tarts Croc-Tarts feature first-ever Jibbitz charms to eat atop your toaster pastry.

Source: PRNewsfoto/Kellogg Company

It was inevitable, perhaps, that an uber-popular pastry and footwear phenomenon would eventually partner. Readers eager to learn how they could consume an edible Jibbitz or adorn their Crocs with Pop-Tart swag made this the most-viewed release on PR Newswire’s website in August.

What works: For starters, the collab name – “Croc-Tarts” – is catchy, despite any personal feelings one might have about the sweet snack or the perforated footwear. The two companies lean into humor, winkingly acknowledging “an ingenious pairing of flavor and footwear that takes advantage of a distinctive feature of both brands: holes.”

The pairing of engaging multimedia and key bullets tells readers and journalists everything they need to know about the new products and why they should be excited.

The first link in the release is the clear call to action for Pop-Tarts and Crocs enthusiasts to sign up for their chance to win a combo kit. The call to action section also uses strong action language, relaying the exclusivity of the limited-edition offering and instilling a sense of urgency for Croc-Tarts enthusiasts.

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2. ALDI to Acquire Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarket to Continue Growth in the Southeast


Source: PRNewsfoto/ALDI

ALDI’s continued popularity as a straightforward, affordable grocer generated intense interest in its regional expansion plans.

What works: Straightforward acquisition announcements tend to follow a staid template. But here, Aldi incorporated smart strategies in the headline and top portion of the release to help its news stand out.

Most releases like this would end the headline at “Supermarket.” By incorporating “to Continue Growth in the Southeast,” Aldi provides both the “so what” and target audience while remaining succinct and within the recommended character length.

Aldi keeps the focus on the impact and weaves some key numbers in the subheadline and through the third paragraph, ensuring the main points are front and center before following up with the required but far less engaging longer executive quotes and transactional details.

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3. City of Hope scientists develop targeted chemotherapy able to kill all solid tumors in preclinical research

This major development in cancer research from a nationally recognized nonprofit generated the third-highest engagement on this month.

What works: The headline delivers on what journalists and readers consistently say is critical: the target audience and the “so what” ASAP. City of Hope provides that in the first 80 characters and follows up with a solid, informative first paragraph that notes important context like this research targeted an area previously thought to be too challenging and that human clinical trials are forthcoming.

The simple yet straightforward visual makes a complex scientific breakthrough more easily digestible and relevant to a lay audience and enhances what would typically be a text- and jargon-heavy release, helping this news stand out even more.

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4. Gap Partners with LoveShackFancy on a Limited-Edition Collection for Every Generation

Ciara for Gap x LoveShackFancy

Source: PRNewsfoto/Gap

Tapping into our collective nostalgia, Gap produced one of the top releases for August, sharing its collaboration with LoveShackFancy, known for its vintage-inspired floral wear.

What works: The headline and subheadline promise something for multiple audiences – clothing across generations – and the subheadline is packed with key phrases and words with broad appeal.

The text includes numbers and specific details, such as how the iconic Gap logo will pair with whimsical and romantic florals, to help readers visualize the limited-edition capsule.

Most notably, Gap chose an interactive Multichannel News Release for this major announcement, which gives companies greater flexibility and creativity to maximize reach. These releases have a built-in call to action in the second paragraph, driving readers to a dynamic and interactive webpage.

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5. Deloitte and Workplace Intelligence Survey: 66% of Financial Services Leaders Working Remote or Hybrid Would Leave Their Firm if Required to Work in the Office Full Time

With companies still tweaking their remote/hybrid/return to office plans, Deloitte’s most recent survey on the topic rounds out our list of some of the most-clicked releases in August.

What works: Surveys, polls, research, etc. present excellent opportunities to craft a release that’s engaging on multiple levels. The easiest way to meet journalists and readers’ No. 1 request – why this matters to me/my audience – is to incorporate the most important data point in the headline, using a number. It’s an instant attention-getter and including the top takeaway in the headline in the form of a number or percentage is a perennial best practice.

Follow the rest of Deloitte’s approach here to craft an appealing read:

  • Links that drive readers to specific, relevant pages
  • A bulleted list has key points strategically bolded
  • Long quotes and boilerplate information like “Methodology” are grouped in appropriate sections later in the release so as not to interfere with the most valuable information.

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