Chainsaws, Drinks, and Gear: October’s Most-Read Press Releases

October 2023 Most Viewed Press Releases

New product announcements – in wildly different industries and each one featuring eye-catching photos – ruled our site in October. Here’s what caught the attention of visitors last month, based on release views: 

1. Greenworks Revolutionizes the World of Chainsaws with the First Ever H.O.G. Saw

Greenworks Commercial H.O.G. Saw

Source: PRNewsfoto/Greenworks Commercial

The top release on in October featured breaking news in the chainsaw world, apt for the month that includes Halloween. Greenworks debuted a new battery-powered chainsaw at the 2023 Equip Expo, the largest trade show for outdoor power equipment and lawn and garden equipment.

What works: “Revolutionizes” is not only a strong, unique headline action verb (compared to the templated “Announces”), it also pulls double duty, answering the “so what” that is vital for both trade journalists and interested consumers. The first three paragraphs flesh out that angle, explaining exactly how the new product impacts the industry and those who would find it useful.

Bonus points for a quote that focuses on the benefits to users rather than the company and a release body that’s not overwhelmed by numerous links to other unrelated products (something we see too often).

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2. World Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Signs National Distribution Agreement with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Floyd Mayweather Jr. for Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

Source: PRNewsfoto/Good Money

A bold boxer unveiling new libations generated notable interest on among news consumers last month.

What works: Like the new beverage creator, the release keeps it punchy with easily digestible paragraphs and plenty of strategic bolding to command attention. The efficient use of drink-specific links makes perfect sense for this type of announcement, particularly those driving readers to Instagram, where this type of content is best consumed, appreciated, and shared.

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3. Osprey Packs Celebrates 50 Years of Adventure with Special Edition Pack Launch

Osprey Packs Hikelite 26

Source: PRNewsfoto/Osprey Packs

Osprey is a reliable and trusted brand in the backpacking world, and its advance news about new pack launches next year as part of a milestone anniversary came in at No. 3. on October’s list of most-viewed releases.

What works: Put a number in a headline, and you’ve got a pretty irresistible hook. Osprey doubles down on this by including “special edition” in the headline and adding a subheadline tempting backpack enthusiasts with the chance to “own a piece of history with the new limited-release” packs. The first two lines of the release manage to convey both an invitation to join an exclusive club and a sense of urgency to mark February 2024 on calendars so as not to miss the product launch. 

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4. Nespresso and Blue Bottle Coffee are doing things differently with their first co-developed coffee blend

Nespresso and Blue Bottle Coffee Blend No. 1

Source: PRNewsfoto/Nespresso

October’s No. 4 release was also a product launch, again with a hint of exclusivity meets accessibility. In this case, Nespresso and Blue Bottle Coffee’s partnership promises to bring a world-class coffee experience to people’s kitchens.

What works: This release knows what its target audience wants and gives it to them: paragraphs describing the blend’s pedigree and how to best enjoy the coffee ensure coffee connoisseurs or those just looking to add a touch of elegance to their coffee game have this product top of mind when it’s time to stock up on the caffeine.

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5. RayNeo Introduces Full-color 3D Display Smart Glasses Powered by Snapdragon AR1 at Snapdragon Summit 2023

RayNeo X2 Lite smart glasses

Source: PRNewsfoto/RayNeo

Rounding out our Top 5 for October is RayNeo’s newest innovation in AR, or augmented reality.

What works: Releases like this can be tricky – there is a lot of information to convey around a highly technical topic as well as the necessary acknowledgements of partners, supporters, trade shows, etc. RayNeo applies two smart techniques here:

  1. Placing the most important news and keywords in the first ~55-60 characters
    If the headline cut off after “Smart Glasses,” like on a search engine results page, it would still make perfect sense and would also include words and phrases like “3D Display” and “Smart Glasses” that are very likely to be used in online searches.
  2. Bullets and bolded section headers
    Tech journalists on tight deadlines get everything they initially need in the headline through the subhead bullets. AR enthusiasts and other interested consumers can scan the content and instead of potentially being turned off by the length, can easily find the sections that matter most to them.

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