Recapping the Big Game’s Biggest Press Releases

Now that we’re all back in the office after Super Sick Monday, it’s time to recap everything from Sunday.

Brands started sharing their Big Game announcements before the new year even began, but in recent weeks, the game day press releases were a full-fledged wave across the wire. Between January 1 and February 12, PR Newswire distributed nearly 300 press releases that included a mention of “Big Game” and/or “Super Bowl.”

Here are some of the most popular announcements.

The Ads

DoorDash will DoorDash stuff from all the Big Game ads to one lucky viewer.

Source: PRNewsfoto/DoorDash

The game was broadcast across CBS, Nickelodeon, and Paramount+, which led a record-breaking 123.4 million viewers. This makes it the most-watched telecast of all time. A good portion of viewers were watching for the ads – perhaps as many as 25%. The wire was flooded with teasers and early releases for the unique commercials that viewers could expect on Sunday, from new and returning brands, including these ones that readers loved:

The Celebs

M&M’S® Super Bowl LVIII ad, “Almost Champions”

Source: PRNewsfoto/Mars, Incorporated

Is it even a Big Game ad if it doesn’t include a big-name celebrity? As the price for a 30-second commercial spot reached about $7 million for this year’s game, brands had to ensure viewers’ eyes stayed on the screen during their pricey timeslot. Many turned to familiar celebrities to grab attention and sell their message.

Here are just a few of them:

The Food

HORMEL® Chili board

Source: PRNewsfoto/Hormel Foods Corporation

What to eat during Game Day is more important than who you’re watching it with, according to Frito-Lay’s Super Bowl Snack Index. The survey found that nearly 50% of Americans would rather watch the game surrounded by good food rather than good friends and 57% choose their viewing location based on the snack options.

With that in mind, it was no surprise that we spotted quite a few releases on the wire with recipes and food deals to keep fans fueled during the game. This year, snacks were a big focus. “Snacks are back, from the first-time advertisers to the seasoned vets,” Rick Suter, a senior content strategist at Gannett and editor of USA Today’s Ad Meter, told Marketing Brew.

Here are a few of readers’ favorites:

The Events

FanDuel Kick of Destiny 2

Source: PRNewsfoto/FanDuel Group

The game itself is never the only event taking place during the weekend. Companies across the country took to the wire to share details of their timely events. And with this year’s face-off happening in Las Vegas, there was ample opportunity for brands to hold additional game-related events across Sin City. The city was expected to draw more than 330,000 visitors and generate $600 million in revenue throughout the weekend.

These are just a few of the game-related events that took place:

The Trends

Super Bowl LVIII Wagering Estimates by Method

Source: PRNewsfoto/American Gaming Association

A big event like this one is a great opportunity to take a deep dive into the trends surrounding it. We spotted several releases crossing the wire that did just that, revealing some surprising stats about what Americans would be eating, how they’d be watching, and more.

The Tie-Ins

Hellmann's Sick of Food Waste Day

Source: PRNewsfoto/Hellmann’s

The Big Times brings sports, entertainment, food, and consumer products together in one can’t-miss cultural phenomenon. Brands didn’t want to be left out of the action and found creative ways to tie their brand name and products to the game, whether they were in Vegas or not.

There were so many headlines tied to the game that it was impossible to fit them all into this post! Catch up on all the press releases related to the Big Game that were sent via PR Newswire in recent months.

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