Creating Community Within These Walls

Some of my fondest memories – and certainly my closest friends – have come from a newsroom.

For the better part of 13 years, I had the great fortune to work out of several newsrooms. And each time I moved on, I left the grind, but kept very close its people.

Newsrooms create a special community that only you – the reader and member of the media – can appreciate. It’s an every-man-for-himself, but we-take-care-of-our-own kind of pack.

The humor honestly was the best part: The hilarious, prank-filled, sleepless, stressed out, hungry, and dry sarcasm that kept us writing and producing for the next paper.

This recent bit from Twitter from Overheard in the Newsroom (@OHNewsroom) captures it well:


On the newly revamped PR Newswire for Journalists, we have an incredible opportunity to build community.

From the home page, if you click on the Community tab, this is what you will find:

PRNJ Community Screenshot

There are four sections within the community tab:

  • Beyond Bylines is a blogger- and journalist-focused blog. Here, you’ll find information on the latest media trends, news, tips, business moves, as well as tools for journalists and bloggers.
  • Media Moves will take you to our weekly audience research newsletter, MEDIAware. Read up on how newsroom staffs have changed within the past month.
  • Explore the Job Opportunities board for regularly updated media and journalism jobs from across the nation.
  • Learn how to get custom content for your website or blog. Become a Publishing Partner and incorporate a real-time news scroll for your site.

PR Newswire for Journalists has served and continues to serve thousands of journalists, bloggers, and members of the media. The foundation for the PRNJ community spans many social platforms, including Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter (@BeyondBylines).

The new Community section of PR Newswire for Journalists is aimed at providing a richer experience for every member of this growing community.

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Christine Cube is a media relations manager for PR Newswire and freelance writer. Follow her @cpcube.

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