May’s Most Popular Press Releases: Consumer News Wins Over Readers

Most Popular Press Releases, May 2024

Consumer news – from business developments to fun summer launches – were the most popular news releases on in May. Here’s a deeper look at five stories that received the top clicks on our site last month.

1. Red Lobster Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Petitions to Strengthen Financial Position and Maximize Value for Stakeholders

The news that the world’s largest seafood restaurant chain filed for bankruptcy generated interest among multiple audiences and took the top spot in May.

What works: If you have to issue news like this, take a tip from Red Lobster here and incorporate the impact to your audience(s) immediately. The headline, subheadline and first two paragraphs cover takeaways for customers and financial stakeholders, detailing the need-to-knows for each group. And rather than fill up the release with hundreds of words of legal-ese, Red Lobster wisely links to a site with the pertinent information for those who need it.

More for journalists: As you’ll see with the rest of this list, consumer news dominated readers’ attention in May. Stay caught up and update your custom profile with PR Newswire for Journalists to get the latest consumer and retail headlines right in your inbox.

2. PetSmart Searches for Next ‘Chief Toy Tester’ Offering $20,000 to the New Team Members

A dog pushing a shopping cart outside a PetSmart store

Source: PRNewsfoto/PetSmart

Coming in at #2 for May: cuteness overload.

What works: Combine a quirky phrase (“Chief Toy Tester”) with a number (particularly if that number is $20,000) in the headline and keep it well under 100 characters? Audiences will be sold. Follow it up with an adorable picture and a narrative that is easy to skim and guides readers effectively and efficiently through key points and links, and you have a pretty purrfect release.

More for journalists: If you cover news about our furry friends, we have a subject code for that. Here’s a list of the most recent animal/pet news from PR Newswire.

3. Parents Demand Answers from East Texas Daycare After Toddlers Found Outside of Bank

The lone non-consumer-related release in May’s Top 5 is an attention-getter nonetheless.

What works: Legal releases, particularly those concerning newly filed lawsuits, are rife with potential acceptability pitfalls. The Button Law Firm, representing the parents noted in the headline, sticks to an overview of the allegations outlined in its suit and does not attempt to litigate the case via a lengthy and overly detailed press release. Statements are properly attributed, and quotes are focused on the “why” of the case rather than libeling the defendant.

More for journalists: Check out the legal issues section on PR Newswire’s site, one of the busiest and most frequently updated topics.

4. Pizza Hut® Enters the Burger Business with New Cheeseburger Melt

Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Melt

Source: PRNewsfoto/Pizza Hut

A mashup of beloved food classics took the fourth spot in May.

What works: Combine “Pizza,” Burger” and “Cheeseburger” in a headline (that’s still succinct enough to fully display in online search results and easily be shared socially), and you’re on your way to lots of engagement.

Pizza Hut also wisely uses the first paragraph to describe the new cheeseburger melt in specific detail, luring readers into the rest of the release to find out how to score the new food item. The second paragraph follows up with the need-to-know details, paired next to two photos that visually match the descriptions in the first two paragraphs, immediately making that connection for readers.

More for journalists: Want to see more releases like this? Customize your PR Newswire for Journalists newsfeed with topics like Consumer/Household, Food & Beverages or New Product Announcements.

5. Cheez-It® Opens The Cheez-In Diner Serving A Full Menu Of Delicious, Absurdly Cheezy Classics To Kick Off Summer Road Trip Season

The Cheez-In Diner

Source: PRNewsfoto/Kellanova

More cheesy goodness rounds out our Top 5 for May.

What works: In addition to keywords and phrases involving all manner of “cheez,” Kellanova weaves into its headline a sense of time and place with “summer road trip season.” The first paragraph builds on the headline’s road trip theme, describing a shining cheez oasis at the end of a long summer drive that helps readers visualize such an experience.

The accompanying photos bring the food and setting descriptions in the headline, subheadline and first sentence to life, and the remainder of the narrative contains bolded section headers, bulleted lists and strategic bolding to highlight key menu items, on-site attractions and dates and locations.

More for journalists: Unsure how to utilize a press release for your next story? Here are some ideas.

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