PRN Media How-To: Non-Traditional Journalists Need Credible Sources Too

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This latest installment of PRN Media How-To focuses on making the most of PR Newswire’s ProfNet service. Catch up on previous how-tos and try our free media tools for yourself by signing up at

In today’s fast-paced, social media-connected, content-driven world, traditional journalists aren’t the only ones writing for various platforms. Bloggers, authors, content marketers, internal communications pros and other non-traditional journalists are also tasked with providing compelling and engaging content to their audiences. And they often find themselves facing the same challenges identifying credible and reliable sources as a print or broadcast journalist.

Traditional news reporters and editors frequently use ProfNet’s query service to help them find experts for their stories. ProfNet receives approximately 80-100 queries daily, which it then sends out to corporations, small businesses, non-profits, universities and other organizations in search of subject matter experts who will fit the needs of the reporter making the submission.

However, contrary to what you might think, ProfNet is not limited to mainstream media. Whether you write for a blog, company website or newsletter or are a freelancer, book author or content marketer, ProfNet can be a valuable tool.

Bloggers: If you have a blog, ProfNet can connect you with sources so you can write informative and fun entries. From food to kids, we’ve got you covered.

Corporate writers: Traditional writers are not the only ones who can submit queries. If you write for a company’s website and need expert sources, ProfNet is here to find them for you no matter the topic.

Authors: For anyone writing a book, especially non-fiction, expert commentary may be necessary. You can use the query service to find sources for expert quotes.

Content Marketers: Create better content with the help of subject matter experts. Submitting a query will help you find them.

Public Relations: Most PR folks think they’re limited to being the expert or representing the expert via a ProfNet membership, but the query service is also for PR folks who write for a company newsletter or website. If this sounds like you, feel free to send a query!

Step 1: Fill out ProfNet Query Form. (Click image to view larger version.)

Step 1: Fill out the ProfNet Query Form. (Click image for larger version.)

ProfNet queries are sent to subscribers throughout the day, meaning your query doesn’t sit in a queue for hours — or days — on end. Filtering options that allow you to target queries by institution type and geographic location mean more relevant responses and less time wasted.

Specify the type of expert you're seeking.

Step 2: Specify the type of expert you’re seeking. (Click image for larger version.)

All you do is specify the expertise you seek, your deadline and your preferred method for responses. Then sit back as experts come to you, and follow up only with those that fit your needs. As always, sending a query is free.

Want to get started? Sign up for our free media services at, then click the ProfNet tab near the top-right of the page. If you have questions or don’t fall into any of the categories listed above, email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

Evelyn Tipacti is a community relations specialist at ProfNet, a service that connects journalists with expert sources.  She is a former broadcast journalist with years of experience behind the television camera and radio mic.

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