5 Steps: How to Keep Up with Hispanic News Beyond Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

While Hispanic Heritage Month will soon wrap, coverage of the Hispanic and Latino community continues year-round.

Whether you work for a Spanish-language station or have an English-language blog targeting Latinas in the US, here are five ways PR Newswire can help you stay on top of the latest news impacting the Hispanic community, Latin America, and beyond.

1. Sign up for Hispanic PR Wire.

The Hispanic PR Wire offers extensive customization to ensure you receive timely and relevant news announcements. US Hispanic (including Puerto Rico) news releases are available in both English and Spanish and are delivered in real-time.

Recent stories include:

When you sign up for the press list, you can:

  • Select and receive news releases on the topics you cover and/or are interested, including Automotive, Business & Finance, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Government & Politics, Immigration, and Travel & Tourism.
  • Publish and/or broadcast any press release in its entirety or in part with its corresponding photo(s).
  • Receive exclusive event invites, interview opportunities, and press conferences.
  • Obtain the contact information for quick and easy follow-ups.

Hispanic PR Wire

2. Get Latin American news delivered to your inbox.

The  PR Newswire for Journalists media site allows you to search a specific country, for example, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, and others. You also can search by keyword.

A search of “country: Mexico and language: English” pulled up the following:

News releases can be delivered directly to your inbox daily, weekly, or on any schedule that works for you.

PRNJ Hispanic Newsfeed

3. Request Spanish-speaking experts and sources on specific topics.

PR Newswire’s ProfNet and HARO offer thousands of experts and other sources for your stories.

ProfNet’s network of more than 14,000 publicists represent hundreds of sources who you can connect with, including Spanish-speaking experts.  Send a free query here and mention that you need a “Spanish-speaking expert” in the “Additional Information” box.

HARO provides thousands more interview subjects. When you send out your query, remember to add that you’re “looking for a Spanish-speaking expert” in the “Requirements” box.

You can request that both ProfNet and HARO responses be delivered to your inbox by your deadline. Go through the pitches and select the expert source who’s right for you.


4. Automatically add Hispanic news to your site.

Supplement your website’s Hispanic content with a customizable widget with Hispanic press releases and/or Spanish-language news releases that easily can be added to your site. It’s a free service. Here’s how it works:

  • Widgets are updated in real-time, so your site stays current.
  • All headlines open up on your site – each with their unique URL so your visitors never leave.
  • Free customization: Your personalized widget will have the same look and feel of your site, with your fonts and colors.
  • Widgets are adjustable to fit any empty space on your site. You select the size of your widget and how many headlines you want to display.
  • Looking for a multimedia widget? We’ve got those too.

You can specify by topic, language, or keyword.

Here is what the full English-language Hispanic feed looks like: http://latamprnsamplewidgetfeeds.blogspot.com/p/full-hprw-feed-english.html. And here is a global Spanish-language feed that includes US Hispanic: http://latamprnsamplewidgetfeeds.blogspot.com/p/full-hprw-feed.html

You can register for our widget here.

PR Newswire Widget

5. Set your Twitter program to automatically tweet the latest Hispanic news.

Beef up Hispanic content on your Twitter account by setting up a widget on your site. We will install it for you and then pull up an RSS feed that you can enter in your Twitter platform to automatically schedule Hispanic-related tweets. The links on your tweets will send followers to your site for the full story, which will boost your site’s traffic and page views.

Want to get started?  You can reach out to me: [email protected]

Jessica Alas is multicultural audience director with PR Newswire. Follow her at @alasjessica.

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