Year in Review: Our Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2017

Beyond Bylines: Top Blog Posts

We live in an ever-changing world where changes in technology and politics shape our daily lives.

Journalists and bloggers must adjust to these changes and adapt to the way news is distributed and the type of content that’s being produced.

Beyond Bylines continues to stay up-to-date on best practices in the evolving media landscape. Our blog, led by former journalists, gives readers tips on how to improve their craft and stand out from the competition.

Here’s a look at the top 10 most viewed posts from 2017.

1. 3 Rules to Ensure Your Blog Isn’t Breaking Copyright Rules (March)

How to protect your blog from copyright issues

Photographs help draw readers in, but don’t think that any photo you find on the internet can be used without payment or permission. It’s important to understand copyright rules when it comes to including the perfect image to accompany your story. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for free photographs from websites, like Pixabay and Unsplash.

2. 6 Ways to Fight the Spread of Fake News, from the AP (May)

How the AP fights fake newsThe issue of separating fact from fiction in news stories has be brought heavily into focus ever since President Trump took office. Author Alexa Hoffman spoke with Eric Carvin, social media editor with the Associated Press, who shares tips for journalists struggling with providing news that seems fake or misleading.

3. 9 Tips: Defeat Your Inner Editor to Write Better and Faster (Sept.)

How to silence your inner editor

Anna Jasinski, a former magazine journalist, shares her personal experiences and steps she’s taken (and all journalists can take) to write efficiently and effectively. She mentions the importance of thinking before you sit down to write, and how turning up the pressure can either be a positive or negative influence, depending on your mood or personality.

4. 5 Essential Tips Every Beginner Photographer Should Know (Jan.)

Beginner Photo Tips

These five simple tips will help any photographer improve their images. This blog covers how to optimize settings on your camera as well, as how to properly compose a photograph.


5. Here are 6 tips to take the perfect headshot (July)

How to take the perfect headshot

Your headshot helps define your personal brand, and should reflect the type of person you are and the business you’re associated with. How you dress for a headshot depends on the line of work you’re in. It’s also important to use the same headshot on all your social pages so people will start to remember your face and associate it with your content.

6. How to Create Viral Content That Wants to Be Shared (April)

How to Create Viral Content

At the core of all viral content is a good story. Once you have a good story, it’s important to ask yourself “what would you share?” Presenting your content on the right platform(s) also is key for pickup.

7. So you want to be a ghostwriter. Here’s what you need to know. (Oct.)

Ghostwriting tips for beginners

Christine Cube talks about her experience as a ghostwriter, and stresses the importance of getting to know the person you’re writing for. Your writing needs to reflect that individual’s personality and voice. If the person you’re writing for tends to use certain phrases, your writing should incorporate the same language.

8. 12 programs helping fund tomorrow’s journalism (Aug.)

Journalism Funds to Help Fund StoriesA journalist on a tight budget has plenty of options for funding. There are several foundations that provide grants for stories they have a vested interest in. These foundations tend to fund specific types of stories. The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, for example, funds projects on topics and regions of global importance, with an emphasis on issues that have gone unreported or under-reported in the mainstream American media.

9. Former Reporter Launches Podcast On Life After the Newsroom (Aug.)

Theola DeBose

Theola DeBose, a former journalist with The Washington Post, left journalism after a very successful career. She recently started a podcast: The Gray Side: Life After Journalism, which offers former journalists a “space to share their inspiring stories of life after journalism.”

10. How to Create the Ultimate Style Guide for Your Blog (June)

Blog Style Guide

Julia Rabin recommends creating a style guide for your blog to keep the tone and imagery consistent. This style guide covers everything from grammar and punctuation to formatting and colors.

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Anthony Vence is a Customer Content Specialist at PR Newswire. He contributes to @PRNmedia and previously worked in the newspaper industry as a news and sports editor. He also works as a freelance photographer.

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