Blog Profiles: Gardening Blogs, Volume 2

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I make terrariums.

I’ve created a great many for friends and family. I enjoy making tiny greenhouses because they’re land-locked — it’s amazing the tiny jungle you can squeeze into a container.

In the spirit of gardening — albeit in miniature — I wanted to cover gardens and yard blogs that carry out gardening to the level that I wish I could.

Gardening is clearly one of our favorite blog topics. View Volume 1, Volume 3, and Volume 4 for even more green-thumb-friendly content.

1. The Yarden

“Walk the garden path with me,” writes LaManda Joy, a Peterson Garden Project founder, award-winning Illinois Extension Master Gardener, author, and speaker.

Joy, who lives in Chicago, spends her time “evangelizing about food gardening education and community garden programs as a way toward empowerment, self-sufficiency, and community.”

Posts that caught my eye: Five (Make that 10) Heirloom Tomatoes We Can’t Live Without and 15 Tips for Trough Planters.

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2. Growing with plants

Growing with plants is my kind of place. It’s a “seasonal journal of original, practical, and inspirational garden projects.”

Honestly, what’s not to love?

The blog is written and managed by plantsman Matt Mattus. Here’s more about him: “Mattus has been involved with horticulture throughout his career, which began as a kid aged 9 years old who wandered into Horticultural Hall after a weekly piano lesson in the city and who decided that he too could grow marigolds and exhibit them!  By age 10 he was exhibiting as a ‘junior exhibitor’ in the many plant society shows held at Worcester County Horticultural Society’s Horticultural Hall in Worcester, MA throughout the 1970s.”

Posts you need to see: Botanizing Yunnan: Western China and the Tibetan Plateau, and Emotional Support Gardens are Really All About the Plants.

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3. Empress of Dirt

Melissa J. Will is the empress. She hails from Ontario, and she’s got “creative and frugal home and garden ideas for you.”

I really appreciate this blog.

Posts that caught my eye include 22 Flower Containers with Beautiful Plant Combinations and Easy Way to Grow a Flower Roof or Wall Garden.

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6 recent posts from @empressofdirt on Instagram

Credit: @empressofdirt on Instagram

4. Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy provides “better living through plants.”

Honestly, these words ring true in my green thumb life.

The site features posts on gardening, DIY, handmade things from the garden, plant-based beauty, and garden-to-table. Garden Therapy is written and managed by Stephanie Rose.

Notable posts include The Ultimate Perennial Garden Resource Guide and Add Some Color to the Table with Flowerfetti Salad.

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6 recent posts from @garden_therapy on Instagram

Credit: @garden_therapy on Instagram

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