Blog Profiles: Gardening Blogs, Volume 3

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Gardening Blogs We Love -

My friends and I were talking about the new Secret Garden movie coming out and it reminded me how I’ve always wanted to live in a row home with a beautiful garden courtyard in the back.

I don’t know how that would be possible because I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever touched, but it’s still a dream of mine. Maybe some of these gardening blogs will teach me how to become a better plant guardian (though, I think I’m probably a lost cause).

Gardening is clearly one of our favorite blog topics. View Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 4 for even more green-thumb-friendly content.

1. The Middle-Sized Garden

When journalist Alexandra Campbell first moved into a house with a garden 15 years ago, she knew nothing about gardening. Now she runs an award-winning website that helps the average person upkeep a garden that “feels too big when you’re weeding it, but too small for a greenhouse.”

I like The Middle-Sized Garden because I’m a big proponent to content being delivered on a variety of different platforms. It runs a YouTube channel alongside the blog and, when it comes to gardening, I think it’s a really great and easy way to receive the information.

Posts I liked: How to decorate with indoor plants – latest trends; and 10 easy care evergreen pots for year round impact.

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Gardening Blogs We Love - @the_middlesized_garden_blog on Instagram

Credit: @the_middlesized_garden_blog on Instagram

2. Enchanted Gardens

Lecturers Joan Butler and Jana Milbocker are the main showrunners of this blog, with a combined 55+ years in the study of horticulture and landscape design. Enchanted Gardens acts as a beautiful accompaniment to Milbocker and Butler’s lectures.

The blog covers the in-depth history of different gardens around New England, almost making it into a sort of travel blog as well, which appeals to someone like me (especially since I live on the East Coast and am not more than a day’s drive from some of these locations).

Posts I loved: Newport’s Blue Garden; and Kykuit: The Rockefeller Estate.

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Gardening Blogs We Love - Enchanted Gardens on Pinterest

Credit: Enchanted Gardens on Pinterest

3. Pam’s English Cottage Garden

Pam is an award-winning garden writer that is transforming a “little” area in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania into her dream garden.

Pam’s blog is another one of those more personal blogs that I tend to gravitate toward. Blog posts talk about improvements she’s made to her specific garden. Even her description, “I long for my Grandmother’s garden in England that I remember as a child, and I am trying to create something similar,” gives a little slice of life that I love.

My favorite posts: 2019 Cottage Garden: Year in Review; and Early December in the Cottage Garden.

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4. Two Thirsty Gardeners

This blog is a bit unconventional and stands out from the previous gardening blogs I’ve mentioned. It’s a cider blog! And that’s why I have to include it.

Two Thirsty Gardeners provides a glimpse of Rich and Nick’s journey into the realm of cider-making, with advice on how to grow your own vegetables and brew your own alcohol. They even have reviews on the different beers, wines, and spirits they’ve come across and have some ace recipes.

Posts I enjoyed: The science of mulled cider; and A guide to choosing the right paving stone for your garden.

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