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It’s been a year since many of us were put on what feels like house arrest due to the global pandemic. Do you remember that time? None of us really knew what it was. People were hoarding toilet paper. Others were using bleach wipes on their groceries. I was dragging my preteen kids on daily walks like it was our yard time.

They were simpler times. I’m grateful that I found a hobby early on in my own backyard garden. I sat in line at my local hardware store and bought way too much gardening soil for my car to carry. I was living the elder millennial dream.

A lot of my gardening skills were learned through trial and error, but I was able to grow a ton of tomatoes, pinto beans, watermelon, squash, and corn. Plus a ton of beautiful sunflowers.

As we move into year two of the pandemic, I figured I’d get you all the gardening resources I wish I’d had early on. Gardening is a wonderful hobby that gets you outside and helps you destress. Below you’ll find a list of gardening and farming blogs that may come in handy this spring.

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1. Common Sense Home | Gardening

If I were to write a gardening blog, I feel like the Common Sense Home | Gardening blog would be the exact one I’d produce. That’s because everything I learned from trial and error I see addressed on this blog.

My favorite part is that it urges readers to save seeds and repurpose them year over year. Many people don’t even realize you can take the seeds right from the food you eat, dry them out, and plant them in a pot or the ground. You’re saving money in so many different ways.

You’ll also learn about home remedies, recipes, and how to plan ahead when it comes to gardening.

Here are a couple great reads: How To Start A Garden – 10 Steps To Gardening For Beginners and How To Save Tomato Seeds – Easy To Follow Guide.

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2. Urban Organic Farmer

The Urban Organic Farmer stands gives you a great idea of how to harvest and save the produce you grow. There were times in the past couple of seasons when I had so much produce that I had to give it away to friends and even strangers walking by my house.

Readers will also get updates on current events that are impacting how we garden and farm in the 21st century. Living in 2021 requires an awareness of how we grow, what chemicals we use, and how to least impact the environment around us. Not only is it good practice but doing so will make a great difference in the quality of your plants and produce.

A couple relevant reads: Green Front Gardens Reduce Physiological and Psychological Stress and ‘Leave the Leaves!’

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3. Growing A Greener World

The Growing A Greener World blog is definitely the intermediate gardener’s best friend. I’m now needing to learn more about composting confidently and how to trim my plants to produce a larger harvest. So after two years of rogue gardening, I decided to look for help and stumbled upon this blog.

This is very much an educational blog that helps gardening beginners level up to potentially sell their produce or even just show off on social media to friends. The most important part of Growing a Greener World is that you learn to be adaptable to the weather, seasons, and resources. There’s always a way to garden if you really want to do it.

I recommend reading Liquid Worm Juice; Superfood for Organic Gardens and The Greatest Gardens Start With a Single Plant.

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4. Epic Gardening

The Epic Gardening blog is a really fun site that inspires readers to start growing wild plants. If you want to learn how to harvest naturally growing plants that are commonly seen as weeds, this is the blog for you.

When I started stepping up my gardening game I moved into growing trees from seed. This is a tough thing to do as baby trees are incredibly fragile and will die with the tiniest changes in their surroundings. There are endless possibilities for gardening and growing different things. This site, as well as the other gardening blogs on the list, is a great way to get started.

Check out these posts: Worm Tower DIY: Compost Your Excess Waste and Hugelkultur Raised Bed Gardens From Start To Finish.

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