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Campervan Life Blogs We Love -

Driving next to the shore of the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge was once at the top of my bucket list. In the summer of 2017, my partner and I crossed it off the list and drove a campervan down the Pacific Coast from Seattle to Los Angeles. We learned a lot about each other, through the good times and the bad. It was the first time I felt like a child again — free from all the ruckus.

As fun as it can be, living in a campervan for nine days isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. We didn’t have a shower or bathroom, and Westerners like myself take those things for granted. Doing your research and being proactive in the community are two key elements to both a successful and fun campervan life. Whether it’s your first campervan experience or last hurrah, these campervan life bloggers will inspire any wanderlust.

1. Van Cat Meow

In 2014, Rich East ditched the corporate world and sold his house to travel Australia in a campervan with his rescue cat, Willow. Willow is quite the curious cat, and you’ll see that reflected in East’s photos.

Rich recently got engaged to his partner who’s totally supportive of his living situation, and the adventurer duo is now a trio. I can’t wait to see where they explore next.

I enjoyed reading Leaving Hobart with Our New Van Home; Meeting Mark and Mya; and From Empty Van To Home-On-Wheels In Three Months.

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Campervan Life Blogs We Love: @vancatmeow on Instagram

Credit: @vancatmeow on Instagram

2. Van Clan

Van Clan is packed with stories, resources, and guides about van life. Van Clan is “a community of campervan lovers and travel addicts.”

Learn everything from off-the-grid living to road tripping in Scandinavia. Van Clan’s abundance of information on van life is almost overwhelming.

Check out these posts: Is Living In A Van Legal – Everything You Need To Know; How To Live Off The Grid In A Van – The Ultimate Guide; and Van Life Costs – Our Vanlifers Tell Us How Much They Spend On The Road.

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Campervan Life Blogs We Love: @vanclans on Instagram

Credit: @vanclans on Instagram

3. Two Wandering Soles

A happy and passionate couple, Katie and Ben decided to chase their dreams and travel the world. What started out as their “passion project” is now their full-time job.

As I have experienced great kindness in others while traveling like Katie and Ben have, I too “love how travel shows us just how much good is in this world.”

Check out these road trip tips: 11 Road Trip Hacks for Your First RV Vacation; How to Plan an Epic USA Road Trip; and 19 Eco Friendly Road Trip Tips.

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Campervan Life Blogs We Love: @twowanderingsoles on Instagram

Credit: @twowanderingsoles on Instagram

4. Ruby on Wheels

Jakob is a software engineer from Germany, so it’s not surprising that the blog name was created with programming in mind (Ruby is a programming language).

An old military ambulance truck converted into a campervan has been Jakob’s home since he hit the road in 2017.

Here are my favorite posts: Cruising Through Fuerteventura; Building a Pull-Out Bike Rack; and Enjoying The Sun With Friends.

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