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Turkey Blogs We Love -

I couldn’t help going for the pun here.

I’ve never actually been to Turkey, but I did represent the country in Model UN for Dulaney High School about 15 or so years ago.

If you’ve got an urge to travel and are interested in exploring a different country – even if it’s just virtually – check out these blogs for great posts about Turkey.

1. Have Some Color

This blog chronicles the journey of Transylvanian expat Mihaela Dragan who moved to the capital city of Instanbul in 2015.

The blog covers her travels across Europe and photography from her expeditions, but she has also dedicated an entire section to what she’s learned in her five years of living in Turkey and the experiences she’s had as an expat.

Posts I liked: Istanbul Airport – Complete Guide & COVID-19 Safety; and Explore Balat – Istanbul’s most colorful neighbourhood.

Follow @MissDragan on Twitter.

Screenshot of @mihaela._.dragan on Instagram

Credit: @mihaela._.dragan on Instagram

2. Turkish Travel Blog

Natalie Lee-Anne is a freelance writer focused on promoting the beautiful landscapes and travel areas of Turkey. Her blog has tons of information on different tourist destinations and could function easily as an itinerary, with subsections for history, culture, and food.

Natalie also has a little post about saving money while in Turkey, which as a poor budgeter, is fantastic for someone like me.

Blogs I loved: 4 Documentaries About Istanbul Worth Watching; and About Turkish Tea : The National Drink of Turkey.

Follow @turkishtravel on Twitter.

3. Katrinka Abroad

This blog is similar to Have Some Color in many ways. It’s run by Katie, an expat who moved to Turkey, and it focuses on the different experiences she has there while also sprinkling in her travels around Europe and the Balkans.

I really love the personality and descriptions behind Katie’s personal essays. They make you feel like you’re with her.

Posts I enjoyed: The Pandemic Summer; and Turning (An Exhibition).

Follow @KatrinkaSasha on Twitter.

screenshot of @katrinkasasha on Instagram

Credit: @katrinkasasha on Instagram

4. Seasonal Cook in Turkey

This blog diverges from the other three, and that’s what drew me to it. Founded by expat Claudia Turgut and now officially maintained by editor Lulu Witt, the blog focuses on Turkish cooking and other various recipes.

The blog has easy-to-navigate tabs for the different dinner courses (like soups and main courses). In my opinion, each post feels like a venture into a little cookbook.

My favorite posts: Chocolate Pear Tart; and Drying Aubergines – Preparing For Winter.

Follow @ASeasonalCookinTurkey on Facebook.

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