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Recycling Blogs We Love -

Earth Day is coming up and I want to learn how to be better about recycling at home. It’s unfortunately (and embarrassingly) something I haven’t been great about doing in the past.

These recycling blogs are great for anyone who wants to live greener. Whether you’re a beginner or have been recycling for years, there’s something for you here.

Recycle Coach

Recycle Coach provides recycling education materials to municipalities and residents via its website and mobile app. The blog offers simple, straightforward posts that make recycling easy for anyone.

One of my favorite features on the site is the Recyclepedia. Check it out if you’re curious if you can recycle items like gift bags, Red Solo cups, or paper towels. It’s a handy resource.

A recent post offers tips for recycling e-waste (electronic waste). It covers items that you might have used or received for Valentine’s Day, like disposable cameras and heated blankets.

And with summer only a few months away and many children planning on returning to in-person school soon, the blog’s tips for creating zero waste during back to school and water games are especially timely.

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RecycleNation’s tools help businesses, consumers, and government entities improve their sustainability initiatives. Its website and mobile apps help you find recycling locations, determine if items are recyclable, and more.

The blog posts provide answers to common recycling questions, business profiles, and green living tips.

I can’t wait to sit on a brewery patio with friends again, so my eye was immediately caught by the headline “Breweries That Are Working to Stop Waste.” The post covers the unique recycling programs Sierra Nevada and other organizations have implemented to reduce waste.

And since my husband and I recently bought one of these, I was interested in reading “How Are Bed in the Box Mattresses Recycled?” Turns out, these mattresses are a bit tougher to recycle than I thought.

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My Zero Waste

“ is all about reducing and removing our personal contribution to waste and environmental contamination,” this site explains.

The UK-based blog is focused on solutions and provides practical and realistic steps for greener living. It’s managed by Mr. and Mrs. “Green” and documents their family’s zero waste journey.

A few of the latest posts focus on creating zero waste in the kitchen, whether it’s with sustainable coffee or reducing food waste. Mrs. Green explains that the pandemic “means we have to make the most of what we have at home. It means we have to get creative, be prepared to compromise and learn some new skills.”

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This site has been around since the early ’90s. It started as a recycling database and now also provides green living news and DIY tips. Readers can also learn if and how they can recycle just about anything.

Earth911 is all about making small simple changes, which I really appreciate. As the site explains, these “small changes by many of us do add up to huge improvements in environmental impacts.”

Podcasts and quizzes are also featured on the site, giving readers a variety of content to learn how to live greener.

My husband and I are slowly working on revamping our backyard. Earth911’s infographic is one to bookmark for anyone else working on their yard. It includes helpful tips for an eco-friendly and low-maintenance outdoor space.

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