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Painting Blogs We Love -

My housemate has taken up the habit of doing paint-by-numbers over the course of the quarantine, while my other housemate has taken up correcting the paint on his action figures. We’ve become a very paint-filled household (and may or may not have spilled the paint on our rented apartment’s floor a couple of times).

If you’re also drawn to painting, here are a few of our favorite painting blogs to check out.

1. Ran Art Blog

Ran is an artist who delves into many different mediums of art – from oil paintings to drawings – primarily focusing on landscapes, seascapes, and animals. His blog focuses on detailed tutorials and tips on how to draw all kinds of different things and reviews on different painting products. You can tell he’s successful in his tutorials and teachings as well, just by looking at his student artwork page.

And one thing that I really loved: On some of his blogs, Ran has a fun fact section about the things he’s painting (you’ll see that on the insect guide), and I just think that’s really fun!

Posts I liked: Professional Pet Portrait Painters; and Guide: Insects Pencil Drawing.

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Screenshot of @ran_art_blog on Instagram

Credit: @ran_art_blog on Instagram

2. Master Oil Painting

Master Oil Painting is an art education site founded by artist Bill Inman. It’s a joint effort between him and his wife, Kristie. The website offers 11 different lessons with Bill acts as the instructor for most. They include everything from beginner courses to more focused landscape and nature paintings.

His blog is divided into five categories: art tutorials, interviews with artists, tools, shows and conferences, and daily life. Additionally, his community is also fairly active, with comments appearing on almost every post that goes up on the site.

Posts I enjoyed: 9 Things I’ve Learned Being Married to an Artist; and Reworking Older Oil Paintings.

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Screenshot of @masteroilpainting on Instagram

Credit: @masteroilpainting on Instagram

3. Diane’s Painting Blog

Diane Eugster is an award-winning American impressionist who has been painting since a very young age. Her blog deviates from the other two in that there aren’t many tutorials or lessons. But she does offer a very detailed, step-by-step look into the evolution of her art pieces over the course of her painting them.

Because Eugster is working on many of the pieces over an extended period of time, the process is usually broken up into many different posts. It gives readers something to look forward to and is something I absolutely love about the blog.

Posts I loved: Developing the Idea; and Developing the Idea, Part 2.

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Screenshot of @dianeeugster on Instagram

Credit: @dianeeugster on Instagram

4. Oil Painting with Ethan

Ethan is an artist with a passion for instructing and teaching. Similar to the first two blogs covered, Ethan’s website also primarily focuses on courses and training, with courses starting at the beginner level and working up to more advanced processes.

His blog takes more of an instruction and tutorial process. This includes,  demonstrations, methods and techniques, different tools you can use as an artist, as well as interesting tips and information to help inspire you on your painting journey. As someone who had a concentration in art history, I really love the art history analysis aspect of this blog and the application of it to your own artwork.

Posts I recommend: Mud is a beautiful color; and Oil Painting Soft Edges – Getting Rid Of That Cut Out Look.

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