Media Insider: AP To Launch Photography NFTs, Spotify Closes Podcast Studio

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Media News recap - Jan 14, 2022 - Photo of a microphone in a studio

AP to launch NFT photography marketplace built by Xooa

The Associated Press announced it will launch an NFT marketplace to sell its award-winning contemporary and historic photojournalism. The marketplace will be built by blockchain technology provider Xooa. Each NFT will include the original metadata, offering collectors details like time, date, location and equipment used for the shot. The initial collection will be released over a period of weeks beginning Jan. 31. Proceeds will go toward funding factual, unbiased AP journalism.

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Spotify Shutters In-House Podcast Studio, Lays Off Staff

Spotify has shut down its in-house podcast studio, Studio 4. With the studio closing, as many as 15 employees will be laid off or moved to other divisions. This includes Gina Delvac, head of Studio 4, who will transition into a consulting role for the company. Julie McNamara, head of U.S. studios, said shutting down the studio will allow Spotify to “move faster and make more significant progress and facilitate more effective collaboration across our organization.”

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Michelle Sobrino-Stearns Promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Variety

Variety has promoted Michelle Sobrino-Stearns to Chief Executive Officer. Sobrino-Stearns will oversee both the editorial and business units, set Variety’s strategic agenda and drive its overall financial health and profitability. Under her leadership, Variety has grown dramatically over the past nine years. She has been the driving force behind the growth of Variety’s signature editorial franchises and events and its weekly video series. Jay Penske, Chairman, Founder and CEO of Penske Media, said, “There is no one who understands and cares more deeply about Variety, and no one more deserving to lead this team than Michelle.”

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Conde Nast Launches Philippines Edition Of ‘Vogue’

Condé Nast announced the launch of its 29th edition of Vogue in the Philippines. Vogue Philippines will strengthen Vogue’s presence in Southeast Asia and serve as a platform to celebrate the country’s culture, diversity and creative fashion scene. The new edition will launch in September 2022 with English-language print, digital and social platforms.

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NY Daily News plans to outsource printing, 200 jobs may be cut

The New York Daily News plans to outsource its printing operations to the North Jersey Media Group. The newspaper, which was sold in early 2021 to Alden Global Capital, has been under pressure to severely slash costs due to print revenue declines brought on by the pandemic. Daily News general manager Michael Gates believes the move will prevent the print edition from being discontinued and help fuel investment in the company’s digital growth. However, sources close to the situation say the move could result in more than 200 employee layoffs. Union reps are working on a proposal of cost-cutting solutions that would help keep the facility open. If that fails, both sides will negotiate compensation packages for impacted employees.

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