32 Writing Prompts to Reignite Your Love for Writing

32 Writing Prompts to Spark New Ideas

Congrats for making it through all 900 days of January! If you’ve had a hard time getting into the groove of things or coming up with new topics to write about, writing prompts can be a good way to kick-start your creativity.

We’ve come up with a list of unique writing prompts to help you brainstorm ideas for your next blog post, personal essay, or article.

Remember, these don’t necessarily have to be posts you end up publishing, but they can help get the words flowing. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find another story (or stories) along the way.

Writing Prompts to Get the Words Flowing

  1. Write about how you’re doing with your New Year’s resolutions.
  2. Write about the most interesting article you’ve read this week. What hooked you?
  3. Write a post centered around the idea “better late than never.”
  4. Write about a time you were proven wrong.
  5. Write instructions for your favorite hobby, recipe, or game (practice your technical writing and avoid jargon!).
  6. Write about your dream vacation (whether it’s happened already or not).
  7. Write about the last time you cried.
  8. Write a list of pros and cons. The list can be for your career, city, or anything!
  9. Choose a random word from the dictionary and include it in your post title.
  10. Write about how you’re trying to live greener.
  11. Write about your most recent dream.
  12. Write a story about getting lost.
  13. Write a post that begins with “It started out like any other Tuesday…”
  14. Write a story that ends with “…and I never looked back.”
  15. Write about a unique family tradition.
  16. Write a scary story.
  17. Write a post that begins with a haiku.
  18. Write a story that ends with a question.
  19. Write a post that’s set in the future.
  20. Write about your anti-bucket list (what you never want to do).
  21. Write about something you can’t live without.
  22. Write about your five-year plan.
  23. Write about another writer that inspires you.
  24. Write a story that begins and ends with “It was just a job.”
  25. Write about the achievement that makes you proudest.
  26. Write about how you chose your career.
  27. Write down the first three words that come to mind and create a story using these as the main ideas.
  28. Write about a life-changing decision you’ve made.
  29. Write a list of do’s and don’ts for your favorite hobby.
  30. Write a review of the most recent book you read.
  31. Write a story from your pet’s point of view.
  32. Revisit the first article or blog post you ever published. Rewrite it or critique it.

If you’ve written a story and decide that it’s one worthy of publishing, use our blog checklist to make sure all the necessary elements are taken care of before you post it.

Still feel stuck? If you’re trying to find your way out of a writing rut, read our tips for conquering writer’s block.

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