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Expert Alerts

1. Reproductive Health and Healthcare Access for Women

Who: Saundra Pelletier, Chair, Chief Executive Officer, President, and Executive Director, Evofem Biosciences

What they can discuss: With more than 30 years of experience in women’s health, Saundra is a champion of women’s rights and a strong advocate for reproductive health. She can address myriad topics including reproductive health issues, healthcare access, female leadership and empowerment, mentorship, and marketing to women.

“Women should have access to the best healthcare that puts them in control of their bodies, relationships, and futures. When it comes to sexual and reproductive health, a woman’s right to safe accessible care is essential to an equal society. Through my work in the business and non-profit areas of healthcare, I’ve seen how important it is for us to make our voices heard and advocate for a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.”

Website: https://www.evofem.com

Media contact: Hadley Kerrhadley.kerr@edelman.com

2. Blockchain, NFTs, Decentralized Applications

Who: Nik Kalyani, CEO, Decentology

What they can discuss: Mr. Kalyani is available to talk on various topics related to blockchain technology, such as:

  • How can web2 developers transition to web3 development?
  • The growth and future of NFTs
  • The future of decentralized applications
  • Mainstream adoption of blockchain applications

Website: https://www.decentology.com/

Media contact: Sonya Trivedisonya@decentology.com

3. Healthcare IT

Who: Jason Z. Rose, MHSA, CEO, AdhereHealth

What they can discuss: Jason Rose is a veteran in healthcare IT and can discuss any topic related to managed care, Medicare, SDOH, quality improvement, medication adherence, healthcare analytics and value-based care.

Website: www.adherehealth.com

Media contact: Andrea LePainandrea@emediajunction.com

4. Lithium-Ion Battery Engineering

Who: JD DiGiacomandrea, Product Marketing Engineer, Green Cubes

What they can discuss: JD is an expert lithium-ion battery engineer. He has experience designing and manufacturing lithium primary and rechargeable cells, batteries and packs in the medical, military, industrial and telecom markets. His experience in design, test, verification and failure modes covers the entire lithium-ion battery market.

“Safe, reliable, high performance lithium-ion batteries require excellence from design to procurement through manufacturing and finally with educating users.”

Media contact: Hayley Lutzhluz@greencubestech.com

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The content in this post was originally published in ProfNet Expert Alerts for May 27 and June 10.

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