ESG News: 3 Trends from September 2022

ESG News: Press Release Trends in September 2022

Over the last two years, ESG news has dominated PR Newswire’s release feed, so much so that we’ve created numerous ESG-specific options to help companies share their advancements in this area. As PR and comms pros focus more and more on announcing companies’ ESG updates, it’s critical for journalists to stay on top of these press releases.

While we continue to see diverse ESG content, certain trends emerge. As Q3 comes to a close, here’s a look at three ways we noticed companies fine-tuning their ESG messaging in press releases sent via PR Newswire in September.

1. Avoiding the Appearance of Greenwashing

As the SEC continues its crackdown on greenwashing, it behooves companies to be specific about their climate commitments. Moreover, it’s a best practice for any piece of content: be transparent and disclose tangible results.

Add ESG News to your site with our free widget - email cld@cision.comHere are two releases that accomplished that by featuring key highlights and data early on and including calls to action that connect readers and journalists with detailed information and actionable plans.

2. More Frequent, Detailed Progress Updates

It’s clear that the annual report release doesn’t cut it anymore for ESG news cadence. Comms teams are looking for opportunities to keep pace with peers and the ESG space in general, and they’re considering regular updates, whether it’s quarterly or whenever their company has made valuable progress.

These two releases feature nuanced movements in ESG, presented in an easily digestible format for journalists and investors. The more granular they get, the more transparency unfolds.

3. Simplifying ESG

One of the most repeated pieces of feedback we hear from journalists and the investment community is “make this content easier to digest.” Aside from putting themselves in the shoes of these two groups juggling tight deadlines and more demands on their time than ever before, PR and comms pros are considering this: simplicity eliminates confusion, builds trust, and makes it easier to invest.

Morningstar and Unified Compliance demonstrate this in the examples below:

Stay Caught Up on ESG News

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