ESG News in October: 3 Trends You Might Have Missed

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As we entered Q4, companies continued to send more ESG news announcements than ever before. The topics continued to be diverse, but certain trends emerged in October.

Here’s a look at three ways we noticed companies fine-tuning their ESG messaging in press releases sent via PR Newswire this month.

1. Focusing on the “E” in ESG

Add ESG News to your site with our free widget - email cld@cision.comThe Yale Program on Climate Change Communications found in its project that overall, Americans are becoming more worried about global warming, more engaged with the issue, and more supportive of climate solutions.

These releases illustrate companies knowing their audience and offering their consumers ways to get involved with clear calls to action, smart links, and easily digestible actionable information that can make for quick work for journalists.

2. Putting the “S” in ESG

The second letter in the corporate world’s most popular acronym is also getting a lot of attention. Here are two releases that showcased great community outreach programs and the amount of dollars allocated to the “S” portion of ESG.

Companies continue to share news like this via press releases as a way to build legitimacy and improve commitments to customers and other stakeholders.

3. Tools to Track ESG Efforts

A recent Oracle global study found that 94% of people believe not enough progress has been made on sustainability and social efforts.

Measuring success can be overwhelming, for both companies looking to communicate progress and stakeholders or journalists monitoring those companies. As a result, we’re seeing more releases — such as the two below — focusing on tools to track corporate goals and specific ways to be proactive.

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