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Expert Alerts

Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

1. ChatGPT & Education

Who: Dr. Kim Round, Associate Dean and Academic Programs Director, Western Governors University’s School of Education

What they can discuss: ChatGPT and the future of learning; digital literacy

“ChatGPT has the potential to provide personalized tutoring to help learners elevate their critical thinking, as opposed to becoming mired in the mechanics of learning. However, we need to encourage learners to practice digital literacy – to always validate the information they receive in the process.”


Media contact: Mark Toth[email protected]

2. Growth in Banking

Who: Luke Billeri, CEO, Members Choice Credit Union

What they can discuss: Credit union strategy, financial literacy, money management, leadership

“Today, if you’re a bank or credit union, you cannot do things like you used to do 20 years ago. You have to be able to have things simple.”


Media contact: Laura Frnka-Davis[email protected]

3. Emotion, Memory and Learning

Who: Jennifer Quinn, Associate Professor, Department of Pyschology, Miami University

What they can discuss: Jennifer Quinn’s research interests are in the neurobiology of learning, memory, stress, and emotion. Her research is done in the Learning, Memory and Emotion Lab at Miami University in the Department of Psychology.

“I am interested in how both associative and non-associative emotional memories are formed, retrieved, and used to guide future behavior. Specifically, I investigate how the brain initially stores and subsequently stabilizes, updates, and forgets long-term memories.”


Media contact: Alecia Lipton[email protected]

Media Jobs

Here are a few job listings for staff and freelance writers, editors and producers.

  • US Editor (The Spirits Business): “The successful candidate will be permanently based in the US and will have a passion for all things spirits. The US editor will work across both our monthly print magazine and website.”
  • Audio Host/Producer (Wall Street Journal – NY): “This role is perfect for a self-starter, newsroom leader who is excited to help develop the voice and identity of a show. A background in podcasting, radio or another comparable medium is a must for this position.”
  • Reporter (MarketWatch – NY): “MarketWatch is seeking an enterprising and energetic reporter to cover the retail and consumer beat, from big-box retailers, like Walmart and Target, to food companies and restaurant operators like McDonald’s, Chipotle and Yum! Brands.”

View these and more job listings on our Job Board:

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The content in this post was originally published in ProfNet Expert Alerts on March 3 and March 10.

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