ESG News in March: 3 Trends We Spotted

ESG News - March 2023 Recap

Are you caught up on the latest ESG news? As we close out the first quarter of 2023, here are three trends we noticed in March in ESG press releases sent via PR Newswire that journalists might have missed.

1. Real-Time Progress Reports

While there may not yet be a universal standard for ESG reporting, we are seeing more companies branch out from just reporting their progress in end-of-year updates and quarterly earnings reports. Rather than wait for traditional announcement times, companies like PG&E and Kellogg in the examples below took the opportunity to share identifiable progress in real time. It’s a strategy that resonates with consumers, particularly in uncertain economic times.

2. Tools to Measure Success

Add ESG News to your site with our free widget - email cld@cision.comSoftware, framework, metrics, tools – search for ESG reporting, and all manner of queries and keywords pop up. One of the biggest challenges for companies, as noted above, is that they are left to their own devices in terms of when and how to report ESG news. Enter a trend we’ve seen early this year: companies are unveiling solutions designed to simplify ESG reporting, whether it’s software (Deloitte) or human advisors (Stern IR).

3. Seasonal Connections

On the consumer-facing ESG front, big brands are taking advantage of seasonal trends to highlight their sustainable products. Consumers are more conscious than ever of where and how they spend their money. Surveys indicate that a growing number of consumers care about sustainability and are willing to pay more for environmentally conscious products.

David’s Bridal and WoodWick both leaned into spring traditions in March to catch buyers’ eyes with common keyword-friendly headlines and (no pun intended) environmental photos that help readers visualize how they could incorporate these eco-friendly products into their lives.

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