5 AAPI Vloggers to Follow for Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Welcome to Blog Profiles! We regularly select a topic and handful of blogs (or in today’s case, vlogs) that do a great job contributing to the conversation. As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are recognizing a few AAPI vloggers that we think you should be following. Do you have a blog (or vlog) that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we bring a worthy spotlight to today’s line-up of creators. These AAPI vloggers produce fun, educational content on finance, beauty, health, and more. Check them out during AAPI Heritage Month (and beyond).

May we celebrate their content and community year-round!

1. Vivian Tu – Your Rich BFF

With a humble beginning, Vivian grew up in a family of hard-working Chinese immigrants. Vivian’s inherent hustle and a keen eye for finance led her to graduate from the University of Chicago. She then became a trader on Wall Street before moving to a media powerhouse to be a sales strategist. Our BFF eventually walked away from the world of “Chad’s and Brad’s” [not to mention a cozy $600K salary] to pursue a passion for sharing her wealth of wisdom. Vivian is thriving on Forbes’ 2023, 30 Under 30 while helping me and millions of others as our #RichBFF.

Recommended Watches:

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2. Steven Ho – @Steveio

While our friend Steven has made a conscious choice to keep much of his private life…private, he is one of my favorite creators that I’ve followed since the early days of the pandemic. This retired healthcare hero (E.R. technician) and beloved MuFKR has earned their rapid ascent, amassing over 10 million followers with their cheeky, candid content.


Follow Steven on social: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok 

3. Dr. Kahng – Joyce the Dentist

Dr. Joyce Kahng, DDS has practiced cosmetic dentistry for more than a decade and is helping us smile smarter. Dr. Joyce continued her educational journey as an Assistant Clinical Professor at USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry from 2014-2020. The good doctor carries an array of charitable accolades, while managing her practice, Orange + Magnolia Dental Studio, in Costa Mesa, California.

Recommended Watches:

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4. Wendy Cung Ly— @WendySkin

Wendy grew up in a low-income household, describing herself as ethnically Chinese, but “100% Viet” — she was born in China and raised in Vietnam before immigrating to the States. Wendy attended UC Davis and is an LA-based digital creator. With over a billion views, Wendy’s content most closely fits into the lifestyle category as she shares her unfiltered, Gen Z day-to-day with millions of adoring followers.

Recommended Watches:

Follow Wendy on social: Instagram | TikTok

5. Zarna Garg

Zarna is an Indian American screenwriter and stand-up comic. CNBC has called her, “the Zany, outspoken voice of the Indian-American woman.” With three children and millions of views, her uproarious position is firmly rooted in today’s round-up celebrating Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Recommended Watches:

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That’s it for today’s roundup, but we’d love to hear which creators you’d like to see in our next post. Until then, wishing you a spectacularly spicy spring toward summer.

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