The 5 Most-Clicked Press Release Headlines in May

Most Viewed Press Releases - May 2023

Consumer news dominated views on in May, from launches and closings to nostalgia and controversial clogs. Here are the stories that journalists and readers clicked on the most this month:

1. Fire Up the Fun with the New Dungeons & Dragons Release at Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop Dungeons & Dragons collection

Source: PRNewsfoto/Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear’s latest pop culture collab was the clear click winner for May. Riding the D&D nostalgia wave triggered by Stranger Things and nicely coinciding with the most recent film release, readers couldn’t get enough of this story.

What works: A picture is worth a thousand words (or at least ~600 – our optimal word count recommendation) and the photo of the plush red dragon, a combination of cute and slightly menacing, is irresistible. Build-A-Bear also weaves strong action links throughout the top portion of the release, clearly guiding readers and journalists to specific pages designed to evoke the magic of the original game.

2. TD Bank and First Horizon Mutually Agree to Terminate Merger Agreement

The dissolution of the TD Bank and First Horizon deal was the #2 release for May, the lone non-consumer release in the Top 5.

What works: Given recent US banking turbulence, any significant financial industry news is guaranteed to generate massive interest. While the release attributes the deal’s termination to uncertain regulatory approvals and timelines, the current laser focus on banks illustrates how timing and economic circumstances can impact an individual release’s visibility and engagement.

3. Tuesday Morning Is Going Out of Business and Closing All Stores

The closing of Dallas-based home décor store Tuesday Morning after 49 years was the third-most read release in May. It joins fellow former home goods stalwarts Pier 1 and Bed Bath & Beyond in recently announced store closings and bankruptcy struggles amid post-COVID shopping uncertainty.

What works: It’s news that had to be announced, but Tuesday Morning was clear and concise in providing all the pertinent information to readers. A list of store locations in alphabetical order ensured potential shoppers could find their closest location at a glance, without having to leave the release.

4. Pluto TV Co-Founder Launches Telly, the Ultimate Free Television Upgrade for the Living Room

Telly TV displaying a football game

Source: PRNewsfoto/Telly

Proving that people can’t resist the promise of “free,” startup Telly’s release announcing a new product and offering 500,000 complimentary smart TVs secured its spot on the list with the fourth-most views in May.

What works: The word “free” is mentioned 20 times in the release. And from a formatting standpoint, the clear call to action in the second paragraph, the bolded and bulleted features section, and the crisp product images combine to create an easily digestible and visually engaging piece of content.

5. Crocs Celebrates Nurses Week with Fourth Year of ‘Free Pair for Healthcare’ Program

Even ardent anti-Croc-ers can agree that healthcare workers get a pass when it comes to the world’s most divisive footwear. And this feel-good release, announcing the fourth year of Crocs’ philanthropic program for healthcare workers, rounds out the Top 5 most popular releases for May.

What works: Numbers that draw the eye, clear, actionable links, bulleted key points, and a photo that instantly connects readers to the content – they all combine for a release that gives readers exactly what they need without being superfluous.

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