June Recap: The 5 Most-Read Press Releases of the Month

June 2023 - Most Viewed Press Releases

As we officially enter summer, press releases featuring food, beverages, and leisure logically featured on the most-viewed release list in June, with a couple of high-profile business announcements rounding out the Top 5.

Here are the press releases that readers and journalists clicked on the most this month:

1. Samuel Adams Introduces the ‘I CAN’t’ Can to Help Drinkers Scratch the Itch to Ditch

Samuel Adams ‘I CAN’t’ Can

Source: PRNewsfoto/Samuel Adams

Summer + Beer is a popular pairing, and for those who prefer to relax in the AC rather than endure scorching socializing, Samuel Adams has got your back. The most-read release in June is a perfect example of how to engage any reader: have a clear target audience, provide interesting data to back up your message, make sure there’s multimedia to complement your narrative, and present it in an easily consumable way.

What works: This release has everything (cue Stefon): data validating those of us griping about unwanted summer obligations, a beer can that generates Magic 8 Ball-esque excuses for us, and brand-new beer options. Best of all, it’s packaged in a breezy way, light and easy to digest – the perfect summer release.

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2. Sony Electronics Announces Official Partnership with SQUARE ENIX® on Highly Anticipated Gaming Series, FINAL FANTASY® XVI

Sony, BRAVIA XR and Final Fantasy XVI logos

Source: PRNewsfoto/Sony Electronics, Inc.

The 16th installment of the beloved FINAL FANTASY franchise was one of the most anticipated gaming releases of the year, and its loyal fan base helped make Sony’s announcement the #2 release in June.

What works: Issued two weeks before the game’s debut, the release gave people ample opportunity to prepare. The release clearly lays out the important to-knows with strategic bolding and formatting: the exclusive system, the enhancement options for the discerning gamer, and – most importantly – a can’t-miss link for pre-ordering the game.

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3. If you used Google’s Search Engine from October 25, 2006, to September 30, 2013, you could get cash from a class action Settlement.

The news that Google agreed to pay $23 million to settle a class action lawsuit accusing it of violating user privacy generated intense interest, and the official announcement from the settlement administration group was the third-most viewed release in June.

What works: The headline grabs attention with a clear target audience and “why this matters,” and then the release makes it easy for anyone impacted to find the relevant information. Deadlines and key instructions are strategically bolded, making them pop, and bolded section headers like “What are your options?” are ideal for this very particular type of content.

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4. KFC Chicken Sandwiches Unlock Exclusive Diablo® IV In-Game Rewards for a Limited Time

KFC Chicken Sandwich and Diablo IV collab

Source: PRNewsfoto/Kentucky Fried Chicken

Combine the top two releases from June, and you get the fourth-most-viewed release – food/beverage AND video game. KFC’s partnership with another highly anticipated game, Diablo IV, offered gamers what seems like a win-win: get a sandwich, get an in-game reward.

What works: Tantalizing sandwich photos and smart link tactics do the heavy lifting in this release. Each of the links is unique and leads to a specific site that is critical to the content – the app, menus, partnership information, etc. The headline and first sentence also incorporate the limited time angle – making sure readers know to act quickly.

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5. Fortune Announces 2023 Fortune 500 List

2023 Fortune 500 magazine cover featuring CVS Health CEO Karen Lynch

Source: PRNewsfoto/FORTUNE Media

Fortune’s annual ranking of the top US companies rounds out our Top 5 for June. This prestigious list always has a large audience. What makes a high-quality company? What can other companies learn from the best in various industries?

What works: Fortune checks the boxes you’d expect: numbers, data, and statistics, in addition to an eye-catching Top 10 list followed immediately by a call to action to the full list. The other key piece of engagement here – the complimentary “Tweet this” function – highlights a major takeaway from this year’s list: a groundbreaking moment for female CEOs. The accompanying photo and quote (taken from the magazine’s forward) pivot from the more traditional cover photos and comments in the past to support this angle. The tweet and photo give readers an instant glimpse into what makes this year’s report stand out.

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