Summer Favorites: The Top 5 Press Releases from July

July 2023 - Most Viewed Press Releases

The dog days of summer are in full swing, and reader behavior on in July followed some classic summer trends. The press releases readers engaged with this month ranged from burgers and ice cream to movies and vacation spots.

Here are the most popular:

1. Cold Stone Creamery Treats Loyalty Members to National Ice Cream Day Deals

Cold Stone Creamery logo

Source: PRNewsfoto/Cold Stone Creamery

As temperatures soared, the promise of sweet ice cream deals inspired numerous clicks on Cold Stone’s National Ice Cream Day release.

What works: Give the ice cream lovers what they want ASAP! Numbers are instant attention-getters, and Cold Stone delivers in the subheadline here, clearly laying out one of the deal highlights. The go-to link is in the first sentence, and the instructions are in the second paragraph, ensuring readers have all the pertinent details immediately, before a longer executive quote. Lastly, sending on an off-minute gives this consumer news an opportunity to stand out from the high volume of releases distributed right on the hour.

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2. 2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table Set; $12,100,000 World Champion To Be Crowned Live On PokerGO® July 16-17

The World Series of Poker remains as popular as ever, with numerous events over several days drawing everyone from casual poker enthusiasts to Hollywood celebrities. This year featured the largest-ever first-place prize awarded in the event’s 54-year history and was predicted to break turnout records.

What works: Various numbers in the headline instantly draw the eye, and in this case, give readers key details: a record-breaking prize amount and key viewing dates. Once into the release, a clear call to action drives readers to the schedule where they can find events and times most relevant to them. The second clear link to player bios and the accompanying photo and punchy Tweet option round out a tightly packaged release that’s easy to skim and understand.

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3. Summer Savings Alert: Wendy’s Announces New BOGO for $1 Deal

Wendy's summer BOGO deals

Source: PRNewsfoto/The Wendy’s Company

Like ice cream, burgers and fries are summer staples, and Wendy’s BOGO deals on four classic items generated a lot of interest in July.

What works: Have I mentioned how effective numbers are in headlines? Add in a well-known acronym to save valuable real estate in the headline and lead with a popular key phrase like “Summer Savings,” and you’ve set yourself up for success. Wendy’s decision to use the “What,” “When,” “How,” etc. format makes this news easily (ahem) digestible, and the bulleted list with strategic bolding is a textbook example of how to structure releases for maximum engagement. Adding an image of the food is a no-brainer, and we’re sold!

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4. Think Pink: “Barbie” Movie to Take Over Las Vegas’ Circa Resort & Casino, July 18-23

Barbiemania was in full swing for weeks leading up to the film’s July 21 release and shows no signs of slowing. The marketing campaign was one for the ages, and this news about Barbie’s takeover of Circa was one of the most popular releases in July.

What works: The headline leads with “Think Pink” and “Barbie Movie,” bolstering its odds of online discoverability in the sea of Barbie news, while the subheadline provides specific highlights and engaging details about Circa to draw readers into the release. Clear calls to action to photos and video stand out immediately, followed closely by a strategically bolded bulleted list of enticing events and offerings that helps readers picture themselves sipping a Barbie-inspired drink by a pink pool.

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5. Travel + Leisure Announces Winners of 2023 World’s Best Awards Revealing the Top Cities, Islands, Hotels, Cruise Lines and More

August 2023 Issue of Travel + Leisure

Source: PRNewsfoto/Dotdash Meredith

Plenty of us are still looking to get in vacations before summer’s end, and Travel + Leisure’s list of the world’s top spots offers plenty of inspiration.

What works: “World’s Best” anything grabs attention, and T+L’s headline promises details on not just cities but everything vacation-related, whether local or international, to help readers put together a full vacation package. The link to the full list of awards is prominent in the first paragraph, followed by multiple lists and a magazine cover photo of our vacation dreams.

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