Hispanic Heritage Month: 5 Influential Journalists to Follow

September 15 marked the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to honor and celebrate the culture, rich history, and contributions of the Hispanic and Latinx communities. Hispanic journalists have played a crucial and undeniable role in bringing these stories and diverse perspectives to the forefront while creating and fostering dialogue.

As we commemorate and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we have rounded up five of the most influential Hispanic journalists who have made a significant impact in the industry.

1. Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos is a multiple Emmy-winning, Mexican-American journalist who is recognized as a trailblazer in Hispanic journalism. He has been the anchorman for Univision since 1986, and he is known for his direct interviewing style where he challenges political leaders by tackling tough questions.

Ramos is passionate about immigrant rights and is an outspoken advocate for immigration reform in the United States. He emphasizes the importance of media inclusivity and the need for diverse voices and perspectives in news reporting. He has been called, among other things, “the voice of the voiceless” for the immigrant community.

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2. María Elena Salinas

María Elena Salinas is a pioneer in broadcast journalism. She co-anchored “Noticiero Univision” alongside Jorge Ramos for over 30 years, becoming one of the most influential voices in Spanish-language television news. She is known for her multi-faceted reporting, demonstrating versatility in covering a wide range of topics from politics and international affairs to social issues.

Salinas has received numerous awards including the Lifetime Achievement Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, as well as the Peabody Award and the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, to name a few.

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3. Maria Hinojosa

Maria Hinojosa is a Mexican-American journalist who is known for amplifying the voices and stories of communities often neglected in mainstream media. She founded Futuro Media Group in 2010, which includes the award-winning podcast “Latino USA.” As the host and executive producer, she covers diverse topics affecting Hispanic communities, including immigration and politics.

Maria Hinojosa has received numerous awards for her exceptional journalism, and she was recognized for her work on “Lost in Detention,” a documentary that investigates the immigration detention system in the United States.

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4. José Díaz-Balart

José Díaz-Balart is a Cuban-American journalist and television anchorman who became the first Hispanic journalist to anchor a daily English-language news program on a major U.S. television network, NBC Nightly News Saturday. He has been a trailblazer in the representation of bilingual news in the media.

Díaz-Balart has been named best anchor three times by Media 100 and one of the “100 most influential people in the U.S.” by Hispanic Business Magazine.

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5. Ilia Calderón

Ilia Calderón is an Emmy Award-winning, Colombian journalist and the first Afro-Latina to anchor a national weekday evening newscast for a major Hispanic broadcast network in the United States. She received an Emmy award for her interview with KKK leader Chris Barker.

In an interview with Forbes, Calderón said, “As a journalist working for Univision, we have bigger responsibilities now in this country when racism and discrimination are coming to the surface. My role today as a black Hispanic immigrant will be to scrutinize who’s in power and to be more vigilant of civil and human rights for all our viewers.”

Calderón is set to co-moderate the second Republican primary debate for the 2024 elections.

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