Earth Day 2024: 10 Unique Press Releases You Might Have Missed

Leading up to and throughout April, our team has been watching the press releases tied to Earth Day and Earth Month. In all, PR Newswire distributed more than 150 releases related to the events from April 1-23.

Whether brands were joining the conversation around reducing plastics – the 2024 Earth Day theme – or finding other ways to better the planet, the headlines varied widely. From recycling initiatives to animal conservation, emissions reduction, sustainable travel, reforestation and beyond, it was clear that sustainability was on brands’ minds this month.

These are a few of the Earth Day headlines you might have missed:

  1. EARTHDAY.ORG Releases Climate Education vs. The Climate Crisis
    “We know that the workers of the future need to be fully educated on the climate and it’s a growing ask from big and small businesses alike,” said Bryce Coon, Director of Climate Education at EARTHDAY.ORG. “Whether it is manufacturing, engineering, farming, communication, banking and so on, being climate educated is increasingly a necessity.”
  2. First Student to Mark Earth Day with Most Electric School Bus Deployments and EV Miles Driven Across North America
    The company recently announced it has officially surpassed 3 million miles driven on electric school buses and has plans to deploy more than a dozen new electric school buses in Montana and Pennsylvania. First Student also reaffirmed its commitment to The Canopy Project after success in 2023.
  3. Earth Day 2024: Group Reveals 8 Travel Tips to Make Your Next Trip More Sustainable
    Screenshot of Trip Genie question regarding sustainable travel

    Source: PRNewsfoto/ Group

    By embracing sustainable travel, we are safeguarding the beauty of our planet for the next generations to explore and cherish. Whether it is reconsidering transportation options, packing reusable and recyclable items, or spreading the word to others, our actions can help ensure that the wonders we witness today will endure.

  4. Dole Packaged Foods, Rais Case and Ananas Anam Team Up to Turn Organic Waste into Circular Fashion
    On Earth Day, Dole and Rais Case announced a limited-edition Vida Bag made with Piñatex®, an innovative, vegan leather alternative created by Ananas Anam using pineapple leaf fibers from the Dole Philippines farms. These cutting-edge brands have come together to demonstrate how to make unique pieces that help reduce organic waste in our world.
  5. Norwex Embraces Earth Month, Encouraging Consumers to Live a More Sustainable, Norwegian-Inspired Life
    This Earth Month, Norwex – an industry leader in reducing single-use waste and harmful chemicals in everyday lives – is expanding on its everyday promise of creating a more sustainable way to live by curating “Embrace the Planet” product bundles that will be available for purchase only during the month of April.
  6. 5th Annual Brightening the World Earth Day Coloring Contest Winners Announced by Meridian Waste
    Brightening the World Earth Day Coloring Contest Winners.

    Source: PRNewsfoto/Meridian Waste

    The contest, in its five year history, received the largest amount of entries to date in which the Charlotte, NC-based selection committee reviewed and selected three winners per age group from a field of 322 entries. Winners will receive a rosette ribbon, a t-shirt imprinted with his or her personal winning artwork, and a garbage truck plaque engraved with his or her name, placing, and Brightening the World Meridian Waste branding.

  7. Tru Earth Launches New Earth Month Campaign to Help Strip the Planet of Single-Use Plastics
    Tru Earth and prominent actor Taye Diggs are launching a new “Give a Strip” campaign with a call to action to strip away the need for single-use plastic laundry containers by switching to Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips®.
  8. Reolink Earth Day 2024: Empowering Wildlife Conservation with Smart Cameras
    Through partnerships with organizations like the Olive Ridley Project, Conservation AI, and the Horstmann Trust, Reolink is making a tangible impact on wildlife conservation efforts worldwide. In the Maldives, their donated 4G cellular high-resolution cameras and 4K security systems are aiding in the protection of sea turtles, helping to rescue them from fishing nets and monitoring their nests during breeding seasons.
  9. Carhartt and The Farmlink Project Pay Tribute to Farmers with Limited-Edition T-Shirt Made from Climate Beneficial™ Cotton This Earth Day
    Carhartt limited-edition “Thank A Farmer” T-shirt

    Source: PRNewsfoto/Carhartt

    The “Thank A Farmer” shirts from Carhartt and The Farmlink Project shed a light on the important role farmers play in our daily lives, while raising awareness of The Farmlink Project’s mission to feed people in need and keep food out of landfills by connecting farmers with surplus to food banks.

  10. How to Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint this Earth Day
    Dr. Ruth MacPete, aka Dr. Ruth “The Pet Vet”, shared some simple ways we can ensure our pets are living greener and cleaner. Her tips include ways to help pets live greener when it comes to waste management, green pet products, adoption and more.

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