April’s Most Popular Press Releases

Most Popular Press Releases, April 2024

Strong headlines aimed at clear target audiences hooked readers in April. Here’s a deeper look at five stories that garnered the most attention on prnewswire.com last month.

1. Americans Believe They Will Need $1.46 Million to Retire Comfortably According to Northwestern Mutual 2024 Planning & Progress Study

Northwestern Mutual's 2024 Planning & Progress Study infographic

Source: PRNewsfoto/Northwestern Mututal

Northwestern Mutual’s annual financial study, chock-full of interesting data, generated the most interest in April.

What Works: Everything, really, but we’ll start at the top. For PR teams issuing a release about a survey, research, poll, etc., we always recommend they pick out the “so what” – the most important takeaway – and craft their headline around that. A templated “ABC Company Releases Annual XYZ Survey” headline is a snoozer that doesn’t serve your content and doesn’t make you stand out.

Data is valuable comms currency: 68% of journalists told us in the most recent State of the Media Report that they want data from communications teams. Putting an eye-catching stat in the headline captures the attention of both journalists and non-media audiences.

Here, Northwestern Mutual wisely pulled from its study a key insight that resonates across multiple audiences, incorporated a number for extra engagement and led with the “so what,” saving attribution for the end of the headline.

While we’re talking about data, infographics (particularly bite-sized ones that offer valuable information at a glance) are an essential multimedia element for content like this. Nearly half of journalists (43%) told us in the State of the Media Report that they regularly use data visualization for their audiences.

Rounding out the best practices checklist here:

  • Multiple subheadlines for large reports are ideal for additional data, numbers and demographics.
  • Northwestern Mutual also formats a lengthier release with bolded section headers, lists, graphs and strategic action-oriented links for optimal readability and engagement.

More for Journalists: Curious if your own article could benefit from an infographic? Here are several situations when an infographic would be a great addition.

2. KFC® Introduces New “Taste of KFC Deals” – A Value Menu with Real Value – Starting at Just $4.99

“Taste of KFC” value menu

Source: PRNewsfoto/Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC’s latest meal deal came in at No. 2 in April.

What Works: While food and restaurant releases always generate intense interest, KFC still implements several strategies here to create a consumer-friendly release.

The headline includes the specific deal name and price while staying well within the recommended length, and a subheadline follows up with another eye-catching number.

The enticing photos and easily consumable bullet points are textbook best practices, and KFC gets extra points for connecting with its audience early in the release. Using the second and third paragraphs to incorporate economic statistics and talk to consumers on a real level adds a little something extra to a standard value meal announcement.

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3. KEEN Launches Last Hiking Boot You’ll Buy

KEEN Targhee IV hiking boot

Source: PRNewsfoto/KEEN

Another catchy headline scored the third most views last month.

What Works: Again, a strong headline with a clear target audience and a promise does a nice job of pulling readers into the full release. Then, they’re quickly met with an engaging photo that helps them visualize wearing said boot, dropping them into the mood of a rugged hike.

Another nice callout here is KEEN’s focus on the “so what” in the release’s first few paragraphs, highlighting the impact and differentiators of its product, placing that important information before the standard company quote and a nicely bolded list of key features.

More for Journalists: If you cover new product announcements or write product reviews, stay ahead of the game by adding the “New Products & Services” subject code to your custom PR Newswire for Journalists newsfeed.

4. TIME Reveals the 2024 TIME100 List of the 100 Most Influential People in the World

The 2024 TIME100 Covers

Source: PRNewsfoto/TIME

TIME’s annual Who’s Who list checks in at No. 4.

What Works: TIME wisely keeps the headline straightforward, making sure to incorporate the year and one of the best action verbs for your buck (according to our State of the Press Release Report), and using subheadlines to delve into the event’s many moving parts.

There’s a lot of ground to cover in an announcement like this, and TIME demonstrates how to build a readable release:

  • Use engaging multimedia and clear call to action links early
  • Strategically bold key names and facts
  • Diversify the length and structure of paragraphs to provide a more engaging reading experience

More for Journalists: Awards announcements crossing the wire are plentiful and varied. Catch up on the latest ones here.

5. Oracle and Palantir Join Forces to Deliver Mission Critical AI Solutions to Governments and Businesses

Oracle logo

Source: PRNewsfoto/Oracle

A high-profile AI partnership wrapped up our Top 5 for April.

What Works: Oracle is a case study in consistently identifying the “so what” and target audience in headlines while staying succinct. This release is no exception, as it fits two company names, the news, the target audiences and keywords in just over 100 characters.

The subheadlines and first paragraph tell the story: more of the impact and two links most relevant to the news. Journalists, investors and tech enthusiasts can read the first five lines and know everything they need.

More for Journalists: AI has been a consistent trend among press releases for over a year. It’s one we cover regularly in our bi-monthly news trend roundups.

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