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Apparently, I still have ice cream on the brain after last week’s profiles on ice cream bloggers, because this week I’m all about cow and dairy farmers who blog.

I’m fascinated with farms, farming, and how food and milk get to our tables. These bloggers share what life is like on a farm and about cows, of course.

My Barn Yard View is written by the daughter and wife of a farmer. Jan started writing her blog when Midwest Dairy invited her to do a social media workshop, but she has been educating others about dairy farms for the last 20 years.

I picked her specifically because she spent the month of June sharing the A to Zs about dairy and farming. In H is for History, she shared what is was like when her father was a dairy farmer.

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Silo Skies is written by Ryan Bright whose great-great-grandfather started the family’s farming tradition. He writes about farm life and taking care of his cows.

I’ve often wondered about milk safety and the cows and he explains the processes starting with the farmers and ending with the truck driver.

Ryan also writes about the secret agent cows that work on the farm on The Udder Side.

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Have you ever wondered what you have in common with a farmer? Lisa from Cow Spots and Tails answers that and so much more about farming on her blog. She is a dairy farmer and wife from Minnesota working and living on a century-old farm.

I especially enjoyed 100 Reasons to Love Dairy and absolutely agree that No. 1 should be ice cream.

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Farm Girl Follies is written by Jennifer Kiko about her family farm, which has been around for seven generations. She also is a photographer and homeschooling mom. Besides sharing wonderful photos of her farm and family, she also shares her recipes for home-cooked meals like imposter potatoes and harvest hash.

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