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You have to give it to some folks.

One day, these writers literally were like, “I’m going to blog about chocolate.”

Talk about following your passion.

Since Valentine’s is coming up in a few weeks, I figured I’d see what might be lurking in the chocolate blog world, and I uncovered some pretty cool sites.

Chocablog features reviews, recipes, interviews, video, news, and events.

Chocoblog founder Dom Ramsey launched the site March 2006 with the help of an international team of writers, whose mission is to “spread the word about quality chocolate and the amazing chocolatiers, chocolate makers and cacao farmers who help create it.” The site boasts more than 30,000 followers and subscribers.

Some posts that caught my eye include Judging at the World Chocolate Masters, Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory, A Visit to Belgian Chocolate Village, and Apple and White Chocolate Crumble.

Honorable mention goes to Manoa Chocolate, Kailua. Just … oooooh.

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Chocolate Wrap is the Lake Champlain Chocolates Blog.

The chocolate company is based in Burlington, Vermont. Its first truffle was produced in 1983.

I honestly could eat this blog. The chocolate and photography truly makes for a beautiful site.

Narrowing down my favorite posts actually was kind of difficult, but the leaders were Apple Cider Caramels are a 2016 Good Food Award Finalist, Where Do Chocolate Easter Bunnies Come From? and Chocolate Lover’s Gift Guide (um, hello, organic bar library with six organic and fair trade certified chocolate bars and a chocolate of the month club membership? I’m in heaven.)

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The Ultimate Chocolate Blog follows Lisabeth on her “mission to taste all of the world’s best chocolate.”

This is a mission I respect.

“As a chocolatier, pastry professional and business owner with an obsession for tasting new kinds of chocolate daily, and with creating something new in my commercial kitchen every week, I can share all sorts of tips, tricks and techniques for ‘chocolatiering’, bean-to-bar chocolate making, and for baking,” Lisabeth says.

She includes at the top of the blog quick links that take you to a host of lists, including American bean-to-bar chocolate makers, raw chocolate, organic & fair trade chocolate, soy-free chocolate, and specialty chocolate retailers.

It’s this perspective of chocolate that truly makes the site interesting.

Posts that drew me in include Recipe for Ganache Made From 100 Percent Dark Chocolate, Hot Chocolate for Every Kind of Winter Day, Starting with Mexican Hot Cocoa, and Original Beans: Fine Chocolate From Amsterdam.

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TheChocolateLife aims to help folks “discover chocolate.”

Author Clay Gordon manages TheChocolateLife, which features travels and adventures in chocolate and cocoa.

Plus, the site takes love of chocolate to a new level with the simple category of forums.

Chocolate forums – about literally everything you can think of around the world of chocolate: Tech help, tricks and techniques; new products, tastings; travel and adventures; recipes; history of chocolate; chocolate education; and book reviews.

This is a fascinating site. Interesting posts include Annual “Best Chocolate Bars” List. My Favorites in 2015., Recipe for a Flourless Butter Pecan & Caramel Milk Chocolate Cake, and Close the Loop on Sustainability.

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