Step Up Your Digital Media Game With LinkedIn’s Learning Week

LinkedIn's Week of Learning: 10 courses to take

LinkedIn just made itself even more invaluable to the professional industry.

This week, October 24-30, it is offering free (yes, free!) online courses to help you step up your game and enhance your skillset.

Earlier this month, LinkedIn released their annual list of skills employers are really looking for in candidates. The Top Skills of 2016 are broken down by country and include highlights, such as: cloud and distributed computing, mobile development, and user interface design.

Sound like things you want to learn how to do? Explore the whole list here to find out the in-demand skills you need to land the gig of your dreams.

Whether you are a veteran journalist or a blogger trying to break into the industry, these courses are perfect for assessing where you’re proficient and where you need to learn something new.

Why now?

According to LinkedIn’s blog, their data demonstrates that the number of job applications available online skyrocket in October.

So whether you (or someone you know) is looking to change things up or you’re hoping to make yourself an industry expert, now is the time.

LinkedIn also asserts there are over 6 million jobs posted to their website at the moment, so now seems like a good time to strengthen your personal brand — whether you’re searching for a new gig or have your eyes set on a promotion.

What is it? 

LinkedIn’s “Week of Learning” is dedicated to helping you gain new skills, refine existing ones, or develop some new passions. LinkedIn is offering over 5000 courses — so there’s something to pique anyone’s interest.

Even better? They’re all FREE for the week.

The lessons are organized in a content library and broken down into three large categories: business, technology, and creative. Under those headings, you can find a variety of topics ranging from digital literacy to writing and web design.

The courses range in length and depth — you can choose to view a quick individual lesson video (i.e. less than 30 minutes) or go through an entire learning path, which will provide all of the videos you need to become an expert.

Do you already have a LinkedIn profile? The site will automatically suggest lessons that are popular for someone with your job title. It also features courses created by industry influencers, highlights trending video, displays lessons individually picked by editors, and recommends courses based on your profile.

As you browse through the thousands of lessons available, you can bookmark them and save for later to watch at your personal convenience.

LinkedIn Learning free online courses

So… what should I watch? 

Choosing from the overwhelming number of courses available can be a task in itself — and you want to take advantage of these ASAP. There are only a few days left.

So, I went through the site and hand-picked some lessons that would be perfect for a journalist, blogger, or writer to brush up on their skills or gain some new ones. But trust me… this barely scratches the surface.

  1. Managing Online Communities
    • Learn how to better manage your online audience to help attract more followers and create a true community.
  2. Graphic Design Tips and Tricks
    • Learn how to spruce up your content by changing typography, layout, colors, or design to catch the eye of your audience.
  3. How to Handle an Unruly Audience
    • In a little over an hour, a PR expert will walk you through ways to read your audience, keep your focus, and maintain your credibility throughout a presentation.
  4. Become a Photographer
    • This learning path offers 10 different courses and 18 hours of content to master the basics of photography, composition, lighting and exposure. Whether you’re a blogger already taking your own photos or a journalist just breaking into the multimedia scene, these lessons can put you a step ahead.
  5. Creating Better Blog Content
    • Learn how to improve your search engine visibility, expand your audience, and effectively use digital media and links.
  6. Writing Headlines
    • Gain some tips and tricks to write a catchy and candid headline.
  7. How to Rock Social Media:
    • Guy Kawaski, a social media expert, explains how to improve your social media game and gives tips for each major platform.
  8. Writing in Plain English
    • It’s easy to forget how to write simply, clearly and concisely. Get a reminder of how to refine your skills by writing stronger and cleaner copy.
  9. Understanding the Elements of the PR Plan
    • Get a lesson in PR best practices and learn 8 steps to ensuring your message is hitting the right audience.
  10. Instagram for Business
    • Learn how to utilize Instagram to increase brand recognition and your online presence as well as how to measure and track the success of what you post.

What’s next? 

Once you’ve taken the courses, you can showcase your new assets on your LinkedIn profile.

This will allow you to pop up more frequently in a recruiter’s search results, and help you to connect with people looking for a writer with your exact skillset.

So whether you’re looking for something new or just want to show off how much you are capable of, make sure to broadcast your accomplishments.

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Julia Rabin is a Media Researcher for Cision. With a background in organizational communications, public speaking and international relations, she has a passion for social justice advocacy and loves keeping up to date with the latest global news. In her free time, you will find Julia traveling, playing with puppies, baking dairy free treats or reading.

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