10 Must-Read Hispanic News Sites Covering the U.S. and Latin America

Hispanic Heritage Month - 10 News Sites to Start Following

Hispanic news sites are as diverse as the U.S. Hispanic population itself. These sites may be Spanish, English, or bilingual. They may focus on specific Latino communities in the U.S., broadly cover all of Latin America, or focus on breaking news in Spanish.

No matter the language or areas of coverage, they all offer diverse voices telling the stories of millions in the U.S. and throughout the Americas.

As the U.S. prepares to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 15-Oct. 15, we are taking a look at some of the best sites for reading and understanding these stories and the communities that tell them.

1. Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPI)

Founded in 2007, CPI does top-notch investigative journalism focused on Puerto Rico and the experiences of Puerto Ricans on the mainland. It was the site that brought to light Rickyleaks, the leaked text messages that led to the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

While mostly in Spanish, the site does have an English-language section that includes translations of the top Spanish-language stories.

Stories to read right now:
English: Puerto Ricans in the US live in counties with the highest possibility of COVID-19 infection and death

Spanish: Los puertorriqueños en EE UU viven en condados con más posibilidad de contagios y muertes por COVID-19

Centro de Periodismo Investigativo

2. palabra.

palabra., Spanish for “word,” is an endeavor launched by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists last year. The site’s aim is to “cover stories and communities that have been disregarded in larger news outlets based on the ideology that Latino news is only a minority issue, and not a human issue.”

The site is all about storytelling, and the focus is on freelance journalists bringing these overlooked stories to life while “achiev[ing] a sustainable future by sharing their local stories, perspectives, and an accurate and honest representation of the Latino community.”

Stories to read right now:
English: Targeting Journalists

English: Diary Of A Pandemic: California’s “Coronavirus State Prison”
Spanish: Crónica De Una Pandemia: La “Prisión Estatal Del Coronavirus” En California
English: El Pendón Estrellado

palabra. website

3. Latino Rebels

Latino Rebels is part of the Futuro Media Group, which also includes the long-running NPR show Latino USA. In addition to episodes of the podcast, the site includes news and politics coverage on the U.S. and Latin America, and opinion pieces.

Stories to read right now: Spanish-Language US Media Study of 41 Outlets: ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Appears in 358 Articles; and Pew Study: 23% of US Latinos Aware of LATINX Term, but Just 3% Use Term.

Latino Rebels website

4. Latin America News Dispatch

Founded in 2009 at NYU, “Latin America News Dispatch produces original news stories about Latin America, the Caribbean, U.S. foreign policy and Latinos in the United States.”

In addition to stories covering major news throughout Latin America and Latino communities in the U.S., the site highlights beautiful photo essays and a podcast.

Stories to read right now: Indigenous Territories in Nicaragua Face Violent Attacks; and Families Struggle to Send Lost Loved Ones Home to Mexico Amid Coronavirus Crisis.

Latin America News Dispatch website

5. Remezcla

Remezcla offers coverage of arts and culture, sports, and food. As the site says, they are “grounded in our mission to be the most progressive media brand that puts emerging Latin culture on the map.”

Remezcla was founded to counteract the fact that “there were so many great stories about new Latin music, culture, and events that no one was covering.”

Story to read right now: Ruben Salazar & the Chicano Moratorium Honored With East LA Mural + More.


6. NBC News | Latino

NBC News offers in-depth English-language coverage of stories about Latinos in the U.S. and throughout Latin America. The focus is on news, politics, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Stories to read right now: A trans, undocumented woman is just trying to live her life in ‘The Garden Left Behind’; Farmworkers to receive Hispanic Heritage Award for their ‘heroic’ service amid coronavirus; and ‘I have no fears’: Afro-Latina news anchor Ilia Calderón confronts racism in new memoir.

NBC News | Latino website

7. U.S. News | Hispanics

U.S. News & World Report has covered the U.S. for more than 85 years, and the site offers a section of articles on the Latino community.

The content is all in English and focused solely on the U.S. with coverage of news, politics, health, and economics.

Story to read right now: The U.S. Needs More Spanish-Speaking Doctors.

U.S. News & World Report | Hispanics website

8. Univision

Univision is one of the pillars of Spanish-language television news with its well-respected evening news show. The Univision Noticias site has categories for political news, coverage of the U.S. and Mexico, immigration, and health news.

Stories to read right now: Coronavirus: ¿Por qué necesitan latinos para los ensayos en la tercera fase de la vacuna de Oxford? and El ‘boom’ de la bici en tiempos de pandemia: un transporte limpio, seguro y bueno para la salud.

Univision Noticias website

9. Telemundo

Telemundo is the other venerable pillar of Spanish-language broadcasting in the U.S.

Its site contains excerpts from its new shows that focus on politics, particularly in the U.S. and Mexico, immigration, and investigations. The site also has in-depth environmental coverage under the Planeta Tierra tag.

Stories to read right now: Récord de desove de tortugas marinas en México gracias a la pandemia; and Planeta Tierra: el calentamiento global continúa en ascenso y afecta a los campesinos.

Telemundo website

10. CNN en Español

CNN es Español provides the same broad news coverage as the English-language edition. The website has categories for U.S., Latin American, and global news alongside economics, entertainment, lifestyle, health, and technology — all in Spanish.

The site also offers ample video from the channel’s programs.

Story to read right now: Enfermera decidió no evacuar Lake Charles para cuidar de sus pacientes, pese a la amenaza del huracán Laura.

CNN en Espanol website


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