Year-End Review: Top 5 ESG Releases of 2022

ESG News: The Best of 2022

2022 generated more ESG press releases sent via PR Newswire than ever before. As we close out the year, here’s a look back at the top five ESG releases, based on engagement via PR Newswire’s site.

1. Deloitte announces $1 billion investment in global Sustainability & Climate practice

Deloitte’s massive investment in its global Sustainability & Climate practice was 2022’s most-read ESG release on

That tracks with experts’ previous forecasts around ESG being a critical initiative for companies aiming to retain shareholders and keep pace with their peers.

Deloitte’s announcement was specific in that its practice would provide “… data driven analysis, and accountability reporting to guide organizations through their sustainability journeys” in addition to training courses. The release was easy to digest with bulleted key points and clear, direct links. Bonus ESG points for highlighting the elevation of a woman to the first-ever leader of the Sustainability & Climate practice.

2. S&P Global Acquires The Climate Service, Inc.

Keeping with the “how to measure ESG” theme, S&P Global’s acquisition of an award-winning climate risk analysis company generated significant interest.

Add ESG News to your site with our free widget - email cld@cision.comAs noted in a recent Cision ESG recap, a study from The Yale Program on Climate Change Communications found that overall, Americans are becoming more worried about global warming, more engaged with the issue, and more supportive of climate solutions.

S&P Global’s release answered the “so what” immediately: the subheadline noted the acquisition offers innovative and enhanced ESG reporting capabilities. Moreover, the release delved into specifics on The Climate Service’s tools, including how they analyze and quantify climate risks, giving companies insight into exactly how they could benefit.

3. United Officially Opens Flight Academy And Welcomes Historic Inaugural Pilot Class

To say there was interest in airlines and travel going into 2022 is an understatement. From shareholders to industry experts to the average traveler, there was anxious curiosity about how airlines would rebound from the last two years.

United provided a clear answer: this announcement from January heralded the launch of the United Aviate Academy, a key part of the airline’s goal to train 5,000 new pilots by 2030, of which at least half would be women or people of color.

The release provided many key statistics in numerical format early and throughout the release, making the most relevant information easily consumable. And the overall content resonated with readers, who received insight into how United is planning for the future of travel with a focus on ESG.

4. Colgate® Launches its Groundbreaking Recyclable Toothpaste Tube with “Recycle Me!” Packaging in the U.S.

There was zero guesswork for the reader or journalist in Colgate’s headline from February. Accompanied by an engaging product shot of the new packaging, the release appealed to consumers early, noting in the second paragraph that the material is the same as what’s used for other common household products and that there are no additional steps for them to recycle the new tubes.

The remainder of the release highlighted the engineering process and industry stats – appealing information for journalists and industry experts – but the lasting impression is a company making recycling easy for the discerning consumer.

5. Eco Material Technologies Created Through Combination of Boral Resources and Green Cement

Rounding out the top five ESG releases for 2022 is one of the biggest announcements in the materials industry. Backed by two private equity firms and $525 million of Green Bonds, Eco Material acquired two companies to further its mission of transforming industrial waste into environmentally friendly concrete.

Given the complexity of the materials industry and its significant environmental footprint, interest in Eco Material’s plans was high. The company kept the release succinct and smartly provided clear insight into its overall process early, in the second paragraph.

This release’s performance should encourage similar companies to take advantage of opportunities to announce innovation and conscientiousness in an intricate industry.

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