Multicultural Media and Marketing 2023 – A Year in Review

Entering 2023, the top trends to keep an eye on in the multicultural media and marketing space included going beyond representation, marketing through the lens of DEI, and understanding what audiences want, specifically Gen Z.

No longer tied to just month-long celebrations like Hispanic Heritage Month, for example, targeting diverse audiences is now a year-round practice. “Developing expertise in multicultural marketing is essential for clients due to the rapidly changing demographics in the U.S.,” Eureka Vanterpool, vp of multicultural marketing for Media Culture, told Digiday. “With the country projected to become majority minority by 2045, there’s a clear indication that the traditional majority audience is shifting.”

We’ve read many unique multicultural media-related stories throughout the year; The following stories highlighted the multicultural marketing and media landscape while preparing for an evolved approach in 2024.

Multicultural Media and Marketing Stories You Might Have Missed

1. Group Black and Nielsen Uncover That Black Creators Deliver More Media Value Than Their Non-Black Counterparts in Key Categories

A first-of-its-kind, the Black Creator Impact Report composed by Group Black communicates at a high level the value brought to brands and organizations by Black creators as opposed to their non-Black counterparts in several categories – Media Value, Follower Growth, and Engagement in the lifestyle, gaming, and fashion spaces. Black creators outperform their non-black counterparts ten times in these specific categories, according to the findings.

2. When It Comes To Advertising, Multicultural Representation Is Not Enough

Brands are looking to drive much more than just awareness. Creating a direct brand representation and customer/audience relationship begins with diving deeper. Customers and audiences want to see themselves beyond the screen or copy that’s read. Authentic stories and experiences are wanted.

3. Adcolor 2023 Conference Calls for Expansion of DEI Efforts in the Advertising Industry

“Double Down and Double Up” was the theme for the Adcolor 2023 conference. The messaging implies that the initial efforts to place a focus on multicultural marketing and media isn’t enough. Those initiatives and activation efforts need twice the focus since the audience growth of an organization could depend on what an organization chooses to do.

4. Cision is Officially an Aerodei Early Adopter

Earlier this year, Cision partnered with Aerodei as an early adopter to expand its DEI efforts. Aerodei is a Gamified DEI platform that fuels new and already existing DEI efforts with real-time demographic data. Netta Jenkins, Founder of Aerodei, and her team worked directly with Cision DEI leaders and ERG members piloting the Aerodei platform.

Look Ahead for Multicultural Marketing and Media

The top multicultural marketing and media stories of the year all highlight one particular theme: There’s more to be done. Tremendous strides have been made in multicultural marketing and media and 2024 is an opportunity to expand on those efforts.

Embracing multicultural media and marketing isn’t optional, it’s a mandatory initiative. Investing in a multicultural strategy creates the opportunity to dive into new markets and develop a deeper connection with consumers and audiences as a result.

2024 Multicultural Marketing and Media Trends to Watch

  • Data Driven Insights: Multicultural data will continue to grow in 2024. With brands taking a deeper look into segments of multicultural audiences, data regarding the audience will need to be prioritized and studied to understand the new consumer and also to identify the trajectory of a specific brand’s multicultural efforts.
  • Authenticity – Post Representation: The stories have been told, the representation wall has been torn down, but audiences have a need and want for even more. Within the communities an individual may represent, the desire for segmented stories and activations will be at an all-time high.
  • Emerging Platforms: Watch for brands to align themselves with organizations such as Blavity, which targets Black millenials, AdColor, an organization that champions diversity and inclusion in creative industries, and the new DEI platform, Aerodei.

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