January’s Top 5 Press Releases

Most Popular Press Releases, January 2024

The wire started off strong in 2024, with thousands of newsworthy press releases distributed by PR Newswire. January saw strong interest in consumer news, from games and entertainment to fashion and cars.

Here are the five releases that generated the most interest on our site in January, based on release views:

1. Sony Electronics Announces Continued Partnership with SQUARE ENIX® on critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY™ VII remake project, FINAL FANTASY® VII REBIRTH

Interest in the FINAL FANTASY franchise remains unshakeable nearly 40 years after its initial launch. Sony and SQUARE ENIX’s official partnership announcement was one of the top stories back in June 2023, and this update was January’s top story.

What Works for Readers: There’s a LOT of information to share with gamers here, and Sony utilizes the easiest tactic to ensure maximum readability: bullets with strategic bolding. As Sony demonstrates here, don’t be afraid to intersperse multiple sets of bullets throughout a long piece of content.

If a release requires more than 1-3 hyperlinks, we always recommend following Sony’s lead here and making sure the most important links are unmissable. The link to the latest FINAL FANTASY news is clear in the first paragraph, and a can’t-miss call to action to pre-order the game directly follows the last set of eye-catching bullets. 

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2. Ugg Unveils Next Iteration of Regenerate by Ugg™ Collection

Models wearing new Regenerate by UGG shoes

Source: PRNewsfoto/UGG

Ugg continues to dominate the shoe world, and the company’s new, eco-conscious product line generated some of the most clicks in January.

What Works for Readers: Ugg sets its release apart from other new product announcements by addressing the “so what” immediately, using the subheadline to sprinkle in keywords and phrases such as “Regenerative Sourcing” and “Sustainability-Focused.”

A succinct body is punctuated by a bulleted list of key products and features and backed up by engaging multimedia. In addition to the standard product shots, Ugg incorporates appealing environmental photography, helping readers picture themselves wearing the shoes in different situations. Those photos strengthen the personal connection with potential buyers, and the call to action immediately after the bullets drives readers to make a purchase. 

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3. A New EV Battery with 73% Greater Range

Electric vehicle adoption continues to fluctuate, with charging issues as the top barrier for EV adoption in the U.S., according to McKinsey & Company. Enpower Greentech’s update on how it’s addressing the biggest challenge in its industry came in at #3 last month.

What Works for Readers: You can’t go wrong with a strong, simple headline, especially if you include a number AND a solution to a problem in less than 55 characters.

We talk to clients about unbranded headlines often, and this story is an example of when it works. EV experts and consumers don’t immediately care WHO has created a battery that solves the No. 1 problem in the industry; they just want to click into the release to learn more about this innovation. The combination of Enpower Greentech’s logo and its name in the subheadline provides instant attribution and credibility and allows the attention-getting headline to stand on its own.

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4. Hyundai Releases All-New 2024 Santa Fe Pricing

New year, new car? Hyundai’s comprehensive and visually engaging release about its new Santa Fe SUV accounted for some of prnewswire.com’s top January traffic.

What Works for Readers: The bold, bulleted subheadlines are textbook examples of giving readers and journalists what they need immediately. Rather than trying to cram some or all of that into the headline, Hyundai makes it easy for readers to skim each line and then dive into the full content.

It goes without saying that brands should include the most engaging photos of anything they want people to purchase. Hyundai leans into that here, including multiple images of the SUV in action, including how it looks on the road. Though not an image, the straightforward table is another strong visual that allows readers to easily skim key features of the various Santa Fe models and is much more readable than including that information in long blocks of text. 

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5. Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex to be Inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation Alongside Other Remarkable Aviators Fred George, Marc Parent, and Steve Hinton

Prince Harry can’t escape the headlines, but at least this one is positive. The nonprofit Kiddie Hawk Air Academy’s annual aviation award announcement rounds out our Top 5 for January.

What Works for Readers: Leading a headline with a major celebrity helps ensure maximum visibility and clicks, but Kiddie Hawk doesn’t simply rely on that as a gimmick. The body of the release is formatted for maximum readability and engagement, from strategic bolding and bullets to multimedia and a perfect call to action. Kiddie Hawk’s press release is a great example of best practices for announcements regarding annual events.

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